TRAVEL DIARY | A Weekend in Paris

Travelling gives me life. There’s just something magical about discovering new places with people you love. After I finished my exams, I really needed a break. Me and my boyfriend decided to spontaniously book a weekend in Paris and damn, it was so awesome! To be perfectly honest, I didn’t like Paris that much when I was there before (2 times). But this time I had a great experience! We’ve seen so much and made so many good memories – in this Travel Diary I’m taking you with me on this weekend in Paris trip. Hope you enjoy!… View Post

OUTFIT RECAP | June Summer Outfits

Well, well, well. the month of June is almost over. For me, it means two thing: Summer vacay is almost here ├índ it’s time for a new Outfit Recap! I still need to get my grade back for Criminal Law 3 and I have loads of other shit to take care of, but the end is near. Anyways, I’m so curious what you think of my June Summer outfits. I have 4 outfits to show you and I wanna know your favorite!… View Post

LAW SCHOOL VLOG #18 | Last Bachelor Exam, Lilac Hair & Future Plans?!

Hi babes! I hope you’re doing well. I’m so happy to be back on track when it comes to my blog and my Youtube. I don’t know if you have noticed it, but lately I haven’t been uploading videos and posting blogposts as regulary as I usually do. I was so busy with law school, I didn’t have time to stick my usual schedule. Now that I’m finished with my last bachelor exam ever (still waiting for my Criminal Law 3 mark though), I can finally focus on creating cool content for 100% now. And it makes me so happy! Anyways, because law school has ended for me, the Law School Vlogs are also coming to an end. I can’t make ‘law school’ vlogs while not being in law school, haha.… View Post

PARIS DIARIES | Last Day in Paris

Good morning guys, and this time it’s not from our Airbnb in Paris. No, at the moment I’m laying in my old room at my mom’s place looking back at 3 amazing days in Paris. I didn’t like this city before this trip, but now I definitely made some good memories here to change that opinion. 3 days went by so fast!… View Post

PARIS DIARIES | Exploring Jardin du Palais Royal

Good morning, again from my Airbnb in pretty Paris (am I making you jealous? Sorry, not sorry haha!). Today I’m going to share everything I did on my second day in Paris, including exploring the city centre and visiting Jardin du Palais Royal. So keep reading if you want to know the full story!

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