5 Tips For a Relaxing Summer Night

Summer vacation is almost coming to an end. I only have exactly one week left until I need to head back to university. That sucks, I know. Honestly, I feel like this Summer flew by and I didn’t even really felt like I enjoyed it. Although I don’t feel like I’ve recharged from previous law school year, I’m excited to start with my research master ánd Philosophy bachelor. With that being said, I like to enjoy my last Summer vacay week to the fullest. And what better way than to have a couple of calming Summer nights? So I’m going to give you 5 tips for a relaxing Summer night, so you can still wind down from all the stress and business you had during your holiday before school.… View Post


I love my nudes. No no, I’m not talking about the kind that fuckboys slide in your DM’s. I’m talking about this cute nude skort that is literally to DIE for. I’ve been living in this outfit a lot (no shame for outfit repeating, keeping it real with you guys), just because it’s so cute yet comfy at the same time. I feel like a skort are ideal to wear during the Summer. They look like a skirt, but are just as easy to wear as shorts. The person that thought of this is literally a genius, haha.… View Post


Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well today. I have a new Lily Like Vlog episode I wanted to share with you, so I hope you like it! In episode #6 I’m showing you my new rose gold & marble Primark haul with home decor items I got recently. It wasn’t enough for a whole haul video about it, so I thought, why not show it in a vlog! I think the items are really cute and you can definitely still get them in your local Primark. In this vlog I’m also sharing a bit more of a personal story time with you. I usually never do this on video, but I was feeling like it that day. Anyways, let’s jump right in!… View Post


If somebody asked me to describe today’s outfit, boho chic would definitely be it. I love mixing different styles. It keeps it interesting and fun! Here I combined a boho flared blouse with a chic Alexander Wang bag and peep toe booties. Personally, I think this outfit shows that it’s totally fine to wear boho inspired pieces mixed with other styles. Sometimes I feel like boho is a difficult style to match with my ‘usual’ style and I have to go all the way bohemian to rock it well. This outfit proves me otherwise!     I made these outfit… View Post


Happy Monday guys! This is one of my last vacay Mondays… So sad, ’cause after this uni starts again… Anyways, today it’s time for a new Lily Like Vlog (yes I’ve been uploading Youtube videos like cray cray lately!). In Lily Like Vlog #5 I’m showing my delicious veggie tacos (but you can make them vegan very easily by skipping the creme fraiche) and I’m having a horror movie night with my girl Emma. So much fun! If you wanna see what I’ve been up to recently, definitely check out my new vlog. So leggo!… View Post