LAW SCHOOL VLOG #16 | Primark Groningen Opening & Study Progress Update

Good morning guys! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I have a new Law School Vlog for ya – I know how much all of you seem to like them (I literally get so many messages from you guys how obsessed you are with these vids, so sweet!). In this vlog I’m taking you with me to the Primark Groningen opening as well.  This episode is a bit different than my usual ones, because I’m also giving you a study progress update. I’m talking about my courses this last period of my semester, things I’ve finished and extra courses/activities… View Post

TRAVEL DIARY | Washington D.C. Diaries

After making a very detailed New York City Travel Diary, I also wanted to make one for Washington D.C. As you guys probably know, I had a research project at the George Washington Law School about energy law for Honours College. I was there for 6 days and I definitely had an awesome time there. Before going to DC, I was in NYC. Both are very different, but I ended up liking both cities. While falling in love with New York immediately, DC took me a bit more time to appreciate (although I LOVED Georgetown the first time I lay eyes there, so cute!). Still, I miss both places and I can’t wait to go back, next year perhaps!… View Post

OUTFIT OF THE DAY | Lace-up & Leopard

Simple outfits are usually the best outfits. Especially during hot weather. I think mixing cool trends like lace-up with leopard is a good way to spice up any simple outfit. One of my favorite color combinations is denim with leopard, so you can imagine that I’m really digging this look! Also, I can’t wait for Dutch weather to be back to this again – at the moment it’s raining like cray cray and I just can’t deal! I want to be able to show my bare legs and wear croptops without freezing to death (and having a tan. I NEED a tan lol). Anyways, if you want to see some more info on this outfit (+ the new lace-up top I got!), keep reading!… View Post

PERSONAL | Sometimes, I just need to write stuff down.

Sometimes I get this really big urge to write. When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a writer. I’ve always been fascinated with creating stories. There’s something magical about the ability of expressing yourself through writing. When my thoughts become something others can read as well, it gives me the same feeling as if somebody’s staring into my eyes; terrifying, uncomfortable yet mesmerizing. Writing has always been one of my passions. It comes naturally with my character. I’m an extrovert. I’ve never been scared to talk about my feelings, thoughts and personal experiences – hence the blogging thing and such. I’m so open and brutally honest towards people. I do this to such an extent, I think it will become the end of me someday.… View Post

HAUL | Primark Groningen Opening Shoplog

Good morning guys! Yesterday was the opening of the new Primark Groningen and I got invited to be there extra early as press. It was so nice to be able to WALK to a press event instead of taking a 5 hour train, haha. The Primark in Groningen has 3 levels and it’s pretty big. They have a lot of women’s wear & accessories, perfect! It’s also a very well organised Primark – I already like it more than my previous go to Primark in Almere! Anyways, of course I had to do some major shopping as well. I got amazing Summer and boho pieces to add to my collection + some other cool items (pug socks? Marble clutch? Yaaaas please!). I made a video showing you all my new buys there, so I hope you enjoy!… View Post