NEW HAIR | Platinum Blonde & Olaplex

Well, it’s that time again: this girl got new hair again. I just get so quickly bored with my hair, I think it’s really a personal issue, haha. I guess I just want to keep switching it up constantly. This time, I visited my hair stylist Ellen at my favorite hair salon The Proof Groningen and decided to go platinum…
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BEAUTY | My New Bronde Hair

Although I really don't believe the 'new year, new me' bullshit (let's be honest: one different digit doesn't make you a brand new and improved person), but I do feel like 'new hair, new me' is really true. I always tend to go to the hairdressers whenever something really impacted my life and I'm ready for a new look. I usually feel very different after something like that, so I also wanna look different. I visited Ellen at her salon The Proof and I knew that I wanted a change - but I had no idea what. After talking new hairstyle ideas for a while, we decided to go for the bronde look: very dark roots that turns into my natural light blonde colour. And I'm totally in love with it!
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BEAUTY | My Winter Face, Body & Hair Essentials

Winter is coming. For real this time. I don't know about you guys, but this awful weather that we're having in The Netherlands lately does not only affect my mood (just give me chocolate, The Walking Dead an thick blankets please), but also my skin and hair. I need to take good care of myself in the Winter to combat these effects - if I don't, I immediately see the negative results. Yeah, this is why I haven't missed the Winter weather at all... Every Winter, I like to go on a little product hunt to search for some new life savers for the upcoming season. This season I found a couple of new items that definitely upgraded my skin and hair game. Can't wait to share my Winter Face, Body & Hair Essentials with you guys!
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NEW HAIR | Dark Roots & Warm Blonde

If you follow me on Snapchat (@lilnappyhairz) or on Instagram, you'll know that I recently changed up my hair. And let me tell you guys: this change is a biggie. I never thought I would do it, but I actually coloured my hair darker. Yeah, darker. Bye bye silver/platinum blonde and hello caramel warm blonde or bronde (brunette mixed blonde, no I didn't think of this name myself!). I have to say, it's still a bit of a shocker when I look in the mirror, but I love it. As always, I got my hair coloured by Ellen.
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HAIR | My Hair Routine + Go To Everday Hairstyle | VIDEO

Today is a good day, because I have an extra blogpost for you! Whoop whoop! If you're just taking your break after sticking to my 'Tips for a Productive Sunday' or if you're decided to make today a lazy Sunday anyway, I have a cool video that you can watch in the meantime. In this video, I'm going to show you my hair routine + my everyday go to hairstyle. This has probably been one of my most requested videos ever, haha. People are always curious about my hair routine! I actually made one a really long time ago (filmed with my iPhone at that time... Well started from the bottom, now we're here!), but since then my hair care routine has changed quite a bit. So if you want to know how I take care of my hair, definitely watch my newest vid!
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