Hey guys! Sunday = videoday! I'm pretty proud of myself for managing posting 5 blogposts + 1 video a week for the last couple of weeks, without slacking! Anyways, a while back I was listening to Ariana Grande and I got inspired to recreate her make-up, hair and outfit. I wasn't planning on making a tutorial about it, but because you all really liked it on my Facebook and Instagram, I decided to re-do my hair and make-up, so I would be able to film it for you. So that's what I did and so today I will be showing you an Ariana Grande inspired make-up, hair & outfit tutorial!
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Hello! How are you doing guys? It's been a while since I've done a haulpost. Although I'm posting this haul in February (so my no-buy January is already over), I didn't buy this stuff in February. I failed, miserably. It was a piece of cake til the 20th of January, because then all my exams were over and I naturally felt the need to celebrate by going shopping, haha. But oh well, I bought amazing things so I'm not going to be mad at myself. Me and no-buy months are just ain't working together, let me tell you that (the getting healthy goal isn't doing that great as well. I see tons of people getting fit and I'm just like 'hey do you want to grab some very sweet coffee with extra syzurp?'). Anyways, if you wanna see all the things that I bought (and I collected quite some stuff!), keep reading.
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Hi there guys! Are you enjoying your weekend? I hope so and if not, here's something that will make your weekend enjoyable for sure. In today's video I'm going to show you a Do It Yoself hot oil treatment for your hair. I do this every week or every other week and it keeps my hair in such a good condition! I have really dry hair naturally, but especially after bleaching my hair, my hairz have been very dry and damaged. With the right haircare you can definitely minimize the damage/dryness of your hair, so I hope you will try out this recipe. I've been doing hot oil treatments for many years and I finally found the perfect recipe! This do it yoself is perfect for people with curly, wavey, dry or damaged hair. If you have straight hair, you need to be careful with this hot oil treatment, because it can make your hair greasy if you don't rinse it out properly. But yeah, hope you enjoy this video!
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Hi! AAAAAAH. That's how excited I am for my new nappy hairz. As you already probably know, I went to the hairdressers Paruccies yesterday for the first time. I was pretty nervous about it, because I usually go to one hairdresser in Alkmaar (which I still love), but I heard great things about their salon. I coloured my hair for the very first time 2,5 months ago, but I was feeling a bit adventurous, so that's why I decided to colour my hair again. Previous time, I got a very natural ombre/balayage combination, but this time I wanted to go more extreme and bleach my hair even more. Well guys, I have to say, I FREAKING LOVE MY HAIR. Haha.
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Hi! It’s weird, having a blog that’s called nappy hairz and don’t writing that often about my nappy hairz. Things need to change asap, so that’s why I’m going to talk about my favourite hair care brand EVER. If you want to know my secret for my nappy hairz, this is it. Today, I will be reviewing the Moroccanoil hair…
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