Hi! Okay, I even feel bad saying this, but I got another haul post for you today… I know what you’re thinking, another haul post?! Haha it’s bad, but I have multiple good reasons for it: I had a 9 for both my exams Civil Law & Administrative Law. Like c’mon I need to treat myself right? I truly need…
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Hi there! Okay, this is going to be an epic moment for nappy hairz, because I made my first Youtube video ever! Haha if I'm totally honest, I was kinda scared and nervous, it's a big step for me you know! But I'm glad I did it, because I always wanted to start making Youtube videos. I'm very curious if you liked the video, so please tell me in the comments below! It would mean a lot to me :). I hope that I can steal my mom's camera some time, so that I can make a really high quality video. Maybe when I'm finished with my exams! So yeah, because I finished my first exam civil law (it was difficult, but not as hard as I thought it would be), I thought it was appropriate to spoil myself by going to the Primark (in Almere). I bought a looooot of stuff, so I decided that it would be perfect to make a haul post. Or video, haha! So if you're interested to watch my Primark haul, click on read more :).
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Hi there! Get ready, 'cause I have new Dubai related post for you! This time, I'm going to talk about all the things that I bought in Dubai. If I'm totally honest, I expected that I would buy more there, because everybody told me that it was amazing to shop in all the big malls in Dubai. But I kinda got overwhelmed by all the shops, so that's why I didn't bought that much. I'm very happy with the things I got though!
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Hi there! First of all, thank you for tuning in again on my blog! I really appreciate the fact you take the time to read my blogposts :). Today will be very exciting for me, because I’ll be opening the temporary ice skating rink on the Grote Markt/Waagplein in Groningen around 16.30. I’m going to make a blogpost about it,…
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