HOTSPOT | The Beauty District Groningen

One of the things I like to do now that the colder months are here is spend some time taking care of my skin. We can all use some treat yoself moments once in while, right? A little relaxation is something we can all really use, especially now that the stressful festive season has started. I've been focusing on getting clear skin for a while now and I think a lot of you have noticed. I got many questions from you guys asking me how I got rid of all my acne and acne scars after struggling with it for many years. So you can expect some more skincare related posts on my blog, starting with a lovely treatment I got in The Beauty District Groningen that definitely helped out my skin a lot.
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Supplied by Lily Luxury Student Stationery

An Extra Hour To Pamper Yourself.

Good morning guys! I don't know if you realised this, but today you actually have 25 instead of 24 hours in a day! Yeah, that's right, this night we Dutchies had to rewind our clock an hour backwards to switch to the Winter time. So why not used that hour to pamper yourself? Honestly, at the moment I'm so busy with preparing for my exams, I could really use some me-time to unwind! If you're interested in reading what I'm going to do today and you want some inspiration for yourself, keep reading!
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Summer Travel Essentials + Giveaway!

Summer means travel. And although I love travelling, sometimes it can be stressful as hell. Instead of having a drawer full of your beauty products and holy grails, you can now only bring a bag full. Not only do you need to bring all your daily routine products, I also always need to have some skin rescue essentials with me - the most random things tend to happen when you're travelling. This means you need to pack smart and I'm here to help you out with that. In this blogpost I'm sharing you Summer Travel Essentials you need to bring with you on your holidays ánd there's also a giveaway involved of one of my favorite items!
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HAUL | New Make-Up & Skin Care for Spring

Now that Winter is slowly going home again (and she better ain't coming back soon, bitch!), my skin care and make-up preferences are changing too. Bye vampy lips and thick creams and say hi to glowy highlighters and lightweight skin care! I'm just very excited for this upcoming season. I love Spring, but who doesn't right? So yeah, I was really in the need to update my make-up and skin care for Spring, so that's what I'm going to share with you in this haul. Hope you enjoy!
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A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her (Or Yourself) + Giveaway

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and yet my non-existing boyfriend is still no where to be found. Oh well. For me, Valentine's Day isn't just about having a bf or not (and secretly hating on all the people in a relationship), but also giving something to the people I love. For example, as long as I can remember, I always gave my mom something on Valentine's Day and said that I wanted to marry her when I grew up. Lol. Because it can be a struggle sometimes to find the perfect gift for your loved one, I decided to make this Valentine's Day Gift Guide. And at the end I also have a giveaway for you guys, because I feel like you're also one of my loved ones. <3
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