Hello! How are you doing guys? It's been a while since I've done a haulpost. Although I'm posting this haul in February (so my no-buy January is already over), I didn't buy this stuff in February. I failed, miserably. It was a piece of cake til the 20th of January, because then all my exams were over and I naturally felt the need to celebrate by going shopping, haha. But oh well, I bought amazing things so I'm not going to be mad at myself. Me and no-buy months are just ain't working together, let me tell you that (the getting healthy goal isn't doing that great as well. I see tons of people getting fit and I'm just like 'hey do you want to grab some very sweet coffee with extra syzurp?'). Anyways, if you wanna see all the things that I bought (and I collected quite some stuff!), keep reading.
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Supplied by Lily Luxury Student Stationery


Hey guys! Exactly one week ago, I was invited to go to a Blogger Lunch organized by Leijtens PR for the brands Tweezerman, Alessandro & Planter's. Although I had no idea what to expect, I was really excited to go, because it was in Den Bosch and I've never been there. During the lunch we would see all the new and upcoming products that these brands are going to release next season and I must say, it's pretty awesome if you ask me! So yeah, if you wanna see a sneakpeek of what is going to be in store very soon, keep reading!
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Hey there! Despite the fact I'm a real skincare junkie and I think skincare is very important, I almost never talk about it on NAPPY HAIRZ. Sometimes I've mentioned the products that I use in a video or in a Monthly Faves post, but I've almost never dedicated a whole post to skincare. The reason why is that I have very bad skin. Okay, I know there are a lot of peeps out there who have way more acne than me, but my biggest insecurity is definitely my skin and I haven't found the 'perfect' product yet that has made my skin clear. But, with that being said, I do know quite a bit about skincare and I did found a lot of products that have improved my skin. So today I'm going to talk about the most important skincare step, and that's cleansing. A clean face is key for getting pimple-free skin. In today's post I'm going to show you my favourite cleansers that I've used religiously for a long time. I have acne-prone combination skin by the way, I can be very oily and dry at the same time + I get a lot of spots. So yeah, let's start shall we?
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Hi! I know that the new year already started and that Christmas seems already sooo long ago, but better really, really late than never, right? So despite the fact that it's already January, today I'm going to talk about all the items that I got for Christmas. And it's a lot. I feel so thankful and grateful for people giving me all these sweet presents, I truly know that it's a blessing. So yeah, definitely not taking it for granted, whatsoever. I also did a lil' bit of shopping previous month, which I'm going to show you as well. I wanna try to do a January no-buy month, because I'm spending way too much money on material stuff and I need to start saving up more. And if I manage to buy nothing this whole month, I think I want to reward myself by ordering some rose gold make-up brushes from Zoeva. Only if I literally don't buy anything that I don't need (and even in the sale!!!).
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Hi! I feel like lately I’ve been writing the same kind of blogposts over and over again. Don’t take me wrong, I love some good ol’ routine, but sometimes you have to switch things up. I’ve been so busy with everythang, that I didn’t notice it for a long time (until it was too late?). I never struggle when it…
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