The Perfect Coat For This Season

I've been on a roll when it comes to the outfit posts on my blog. There's just something about Fall and Winter fashion that makes me feel so inspired. The different textures, being able to layer different pieces, and wearing your favorite sweaters - it really makes me feel so creative. Because I moved to Washington DC and I couldn't take everything with me, I had to really cull the pieces in my Fall and Winter wardrobe. This made me re-discover some old favorites in my closet. I really enjoy doing that, because it feels like you're shopping in your own closet. One of my re-discoveries was this icy blue coat I am wearing in this blogpost...
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Wearing Nudes In The Colder Months

When it comes to my personal style, I often stick to monochromatic tones. My favorite shades to wear are blacks, whites, greys and neutrals - keeping it minimal! I especially enjoy wearing nudes and pastely shades, because I feel like they flatter my hair and skin tone. Now that the colder weather is here (it has been snowing the whole day in Washington DC!), wearing those types of colors does not seem very appropriate. However, in this blogpost, I want to show you that it is possible to wear nudes during the Fall and Winter time. So if you need some new inspo for your Fall and Winter wardrobe, definitely keep reading!
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The Classic Lily Like Outfit.

Finding your personal style can be challenging. It definitely takes a lot of time. Personally, I used to be a style chameleon, looking like a girly girl one day, and a tomboy another. Although there is nothing wrong with not fitting in one certain "style category", I found it quite frustrating. I always had the feeling of not knowing what to wear, even though I had a closet full of clothing. Due to the fact I had such an eclectic mix of different pieces, creating actually outfits I liked was hard. This made me mostly focused on trends, which made my closet last a maximum of one or two seasons. However, that's all in the past now! Ever since I started thinking about what outfits actually made me feel good, I discovered that I preferred more simple and minimal pieces. I began investing in more basics, and ended up with a capsule closet filled with items that went very well together and made me actually like the outfits I wore. This is one of my go-to outfits that I like during this season. It's the classic Lily Like outfit for Fall!
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My New Self-Portrait Dress for Fall

Say goodbye to your little black dress: the little red dress is going to be your new best friend. Red has been the hottest color this Summer (especially paired with millennial pink), but now that it's Fall, red is still going nowhere. I usually don't wear a lot of color, because I feel more confident in neutrals, and I don't…
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5 Tips For Investing in Designer Clothing Items

When it comes to investing in designer pieces, most of us always choose to invest in handbags, shoes or accessories. I am a firm believer in the power of a good designer accessory to elevate any outfit. However, if you really want to take your ootd to the next level, investing in a designer clothing piece could be a good option for you. Nevertheless, there is a certain risk when it comes to purchasing a designer clothing item. What if the item goes out of style? What if it does not fit you properly next season? How can I get a good cost per wear out of it, without looking like an outfit repeater? Girl, don't you worry, because I got you: In this blogpost I am going to share my tips when it comes to investing in designer clothing pieces, so you never have to go through any of these struggles! Also, I am showing you my own very first designer clothing pieces that I purchased: two dresses from Self-Portrait and For Love and Lemons!
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