White Converse All Stars Sneakers

Yeah, you saw that right: I am actually wearing sneakers in this outfit post. If you know my style, you know that I literally never wear sneakers on a daily basis. However, due to the fact I recently received a new pair of kicks and I know a lot of you do like to wear them, I decided to make this very casual outfit post for you. I am featuring my new white Converse All Stars sneakers, which are honestly the most classic sneakers you can find. Even for a non-sneakerhead like me, they are a wardrobe staple. Hope you enjoy!
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Supplied by Lily Luxury Student Stationery

The Open Back Avocado Top Outfit

Okay, I know: this blogpost title seems a bit peculiar. An avocado top, really? Well don't judge me: my love for avocado toast is so real, that I just couldn't pass up on this really cute open back avocado top I saw at Zara. I guess avocado is my one true bae, haha! This top is perfect if you want to try out a Summer-y print, but you are not really into florals. This top is even more perfect for the warm weather, because it has a super flattering open back. However, you don't need to worry about stick on bras or that kind of thing. It's actually designed in such a way, that you can still wear a normal bra underneath it: perfect!
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Favorite Floral Dress & Vegan Hotspot

My number one essential for Spring is a pretty floral dress. Even if you're not into floral prints or you don't like to look like a girly girl, a floral dress is still essential for your wardrobe. Now that the weather is finally getting better in the Netherlands (thank the lord hallelujah), I can finally pull out my favorite floral dress from H&M and enjoy some delicious smoothie bowls and almond cappuccino at one of my favorite vegan hotspots in Groningen called Anat (you can read more about this vegan hotspot here).
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The Blazer Off Duty Look

I'm not gonna lie: personally I find it quite hard to style up blazers without feeling like I just came from the office. Don't take me wrong: I love a good blazer and I feel like it's a basic wardrobe essential in anybody's closet, but I find hard to incorporate it into my more casual style. However, when I raided my closet yesterday, I saw this beautiful blazer and I couldn't resist wearing it. I wanted to challenge myself to create that perfect blazer off duty look - and I think it turned out pretty great. So great, I feel like I'm going to start wearing blazers more often. And maybe even invest in a new, nude pink one...
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Transitioning Your Outfits from Winter to Spring

For those of you that don't follow me on Instagram (honestly you should, 'cause I update it on a daily basis), you probably haven't seen me with my new hair yet in an outfit post. So this is the first outfit of the day post with me rocking my new fringe (in the meantime I already cut my hair in a lob, but oh well!). Anyways, I wanted to show you this outfit, because it's perfect for transitioning your outfits from Winter to Spring. I have a couple of tips and tricks about wearing items that are either too warm or too cold on their own, which is perfect if you want to mix your Winter and Spring clothes!
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