The Blazer Off Duty Look

I'm not gonna lie: personally I find it quite hard to style up blazers without feeling like I just came from the office. Don't take me wrong: I love a good blazer and I feel like it's a basic wardrobe essential in anybody's closet, but I find hard to incorporate it into my more casual style. However, when I raided my closet yesterday, I saw this beautiful blazer and I couldn't resist wearing it. I wanted to challenge myself to create that perfect blazer off duty look - and I think it turned out pretty great. So great, I feel like I'm going to start wearing blazers more often. And maybe even invest in a new, nude pink one...
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Transitioning Your Outfits from Winter to Spring

For those of you that don't follow me on Instagram (honestly you should, 'cause I update it on a daily basis), you probably haven't seen me with my new hair yet in an outfit post. So this is the first outfit of the day post with me rocking my new fringe (in the meantime I already cut my hair in a lob, but oh well!). Anyways, I wanted to show you this outfit, because it's perfect for transitioning your outfits from Winter to Spring. I have a couple of tips and tricks about wearing items that are either too warm or too cold on their own, which is perfect if you want to mix your Winter and Spring clothes!
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The Leopard Coat

I feel like one of the trendiest pieces at the moment is the leopard coat. I totally understand why. I mean, wearing a leopard coat makes you feel like that cool it-girl in an instant. In my opinion, it's also a great transition piece from Winter into Spring. Spring in the Netherlands can start off pretty cold, so it's always nice to have a nice Winter coat that can be worn in the Spring time as well. A leopard coat is fun and bright enough to wear during the Spring (without, of course, losing my minimal/neutral aesthetic, haha), while it will also keep you cosy and warm. If you want to know how I styled this look, keep reading!
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Silver Loafers (Gucci Inspired)

Good morning guys! How are you doing today? Personally, I've been in quite a little bit of a low recently - the weather sucks, I have so much shit to do that I don't even know where to start and I haven't been feeling that well mentally and physically either. Can't wait for March tho, 'cause I feel like things will start getting better then! So in this post I quickly wanted to share this outfit I've loved wearing, featuring these silver loafers that are clearly Gucci inspired. And who doesn't love a designer look for less right?
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Le Palais Royal Paris

One of my favorite spots (especially for outfit shooting) in Paris is Le Palais Royal. It such an unique location in my opinion; old and new architecture blending together into something stunningly beautiful. In a way, it represented the mindstate I had during my stay in Paris: old and new memories blending together, creating a different dimension to me. I'm still figuring everything out when it comes to that, but hopefully pieces are going to fall in their places soon. And yes, I wanted to wear stripes to match the location perfectly, haha! I think these photos turned out great and I can't wait to show you it 'in motion' in my upcoming video as well that I will be posting tonight...
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