OUTFIT OF THE DAY | Khaki & Leopard

I'm a big fan of leopard. In my opinion, this print is timeless, minimal and a staple for anybody's wardrobe. However, it's really important to pick the right kind of leopard to wear. I feel like there are a lot of vulgar and ugly animal prints out there that have ruined the reputation of this print in general. Sounds pretty dramatic, but you get my point. So, stay away from those vulgar, colorful, fake looking leopard prints and opt for a leopard print that looks very natural, neutral and is made from a great quality fabric. And if you want to give your print an even more interesting twist, try mixing leopard with khaki like I did here. I dig it, but I would love to know your opinion on this look!
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OUTFIT OF THE DAY | What I Wore In Lisbon

Happy Sunday babes! A while back I visited my best friend in Lisbon, Portugal. Despite the fact I was there for only a weekend, I truly fell in love with this beautiful city. I enjoyed strolling through the streets and looking at all the beautiful architecture. You can imagine that I was really excited to photograph some of my outfits there too. So today I'm going to share what I wore in Lisbon! I opted for a very casual - yet cute - outfit that's perfect for any city trip if you want to look nice, but still be very comfortable too.
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OUTFIT OF THE DAY | What I Wore In Porto Ercole, Italy

I just posted my last Nice travel blogpost, but here I'm back at it again, with a brand new travel themed post: what I wore in Porto Ercole, Italy! Last weekend I stayed in the lovely Argentario Golf Resort & Spa and they had the best minimalistic interior ever. When I saw this cool staircase, I had to do a couple of outfit shots... I haven't really posted a lot of Fall outfits on my blog yet, so I hope you're excited for seeing this one now. I feel like this outfit turned out great, and I definitely see myself outfit repeating it... No shame, haha!
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OUTFIT OF THE DAY | What I Wore in Nice

Happy Sunday guys! How are you doing today? If you follow me on my Instagram or Snapchat, you'll know that I'm in Porto Ercole, Italy for the weekend. I will post my adventures about that trip very soon (unfortunately I'm already leaving tonight, boohoo), but first I still have to share my last Nice (France) related blogpost! Yes, after this I've shared everything there was about my trip to Nice, France, I promise! Today I'm sharing with you what I wore in Nice during my little weekend trip with my mom a while back (click here if you want to read about all my favorite hotspots there + check out the vlog). Hope you enjoy!
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The choker. You gotta love it or you gotta hate it. I think chokers look cute af and give every outfit that finishing touch. I've been wearing them in lots of outfits recently. But, an even better alternative in my opinion is the choker top: a top with a choker in one! I got this really cute white one a while ago and it's perfect to wear during a chillier day (or early Fall). I would love to know what you think of this look (+ the pretty park as background that I used!).
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