Band tees are huge in the fashion scene at the moment. Although I'm not the type of person to wear a band tee without actually knowing/listening to the band, I can understand why some still do it either way. Some band tees are just way too cool to pass up. I got this really cool vintage tee from Riders in…
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OUTFIT OF THE DAY | Emerald Green Lace Skirt

Lately I've been really into the color emerald green. I feel like this is going to be the hottest color for upcoming Fall/Winter season and I totally get why. I usually never like to wear green, but there's just something very chic and stylish about this jewel shade of green. It reminds me of beautiful baroque jewelry or pretty scarabees. Random, I know haha. In this outfit, I decided to tone down this formal skirt by adding a casual cami and a leather jacket. I love mixing more casual pieces with formal wear, because it adds more character to your outfits.
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OUTFIT OF THE DAY | Marble Dr Martens

After showing you my new Black Marble Dr Martens, a lot of you wanted to know how I would style them. Because the weather has been rather nice in The Netherlands, I could rock these marble babies with bare legs, woohoo! I think these Black Marble Dr Martens are a really cool addition to my wardrobe. They're also very versatile, you can wear them with a lot of different types of outfits. I would love to know what you think of this outfit!
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OUTFIT OF THE DAY | Oversized Sweater + Denim Shorts

Summer is always over, whichs means it's time for my favorite type of season: sweater weather! I love Fall fashion, and wearing sweaters is probably the best part about it. But what to do if the weather is still pretty nice outside, but you have the Fall vibes going on? Well guys, for all of you experiencing a bit of a warmer Fall: pair a oversized sweater with some boots and a pair of denim shorts. Honestly, this is one of the cutest pairings if you ask me. Showing some leg with a big sweater is just so effortlessly chic!
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