I love my nudes. No no, I'm not talking about the kind that fuckboys slide in your DM's. I'm talking about this cute nude skort that is literally to DIE for. I've been living in this outfit a lot (no shame for outfit repeating, keeping it real with you guys), just because it's so cute yet comfy at the same time. I feel like a skort are ideal to wear during the Summer. They look like a skirt, but are just as easy to wear as shorts. The person that thought of this is literally a genius, haha.
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If somebody asked me to describe today’s outfit, boho chic would definitely be it. I love mixing different styles. It keeps it interesting and fun! Here I combined a boho flared blouse with a chic Alexander Wang bag and peep toe booties. Personally, I think this outfit shows that it’s totally fine to wear boho inspired pieces mixed with other…
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OUTFIT OF THE DAY | Lace Playsuit

Although weather hasn't been great in The Netherlands, I still had the possibility to shoot a couple of cute Summer-y outfits. One of my favorite playsuits at the moment is this beautiful white one I got a while back. It's so feminine and elegant, I've literally been living in this thing! I like to wear bohemian inspired outfits during the Summer and this playsuit matches that style perfectly. Together with a bush of roses, I feel like these photos turned out really Summer proof!
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OUTFIT OF THE DAY | Paul’s Boutique Backpack

If you know me, then you've noticed I usually pair my outfits with a cross body bag. This time I decided to switch things up and go for a backpack instead. I got this palm print one a while ago from Paul's Boutique. In my opinion, this is a MUSTHAVE bag for all you travel babes out there. It's cute, fits a lot of shit we girls need to take with us everyday and it's super easy to carry around. I usually carry 2 cameras + a lot of other things with me and my back usually hurts after a while. With a backpack, especially a cutesie one like this, I don't have any heavy carrying problems anymore! I took this backpack with me to Russia. I think it looks really nice with all the green tones here. :)
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OUTFIT OF THE DAY | Into the Russian Woods

Bohemian vibes: I love it. Wild hair, loose embroided tops and some sturdy boots. Bohemian outfits instantly give me that care-free Summer feeling. And what perfect place to shoot a boho inspired outfit than in the Russian woods? When I was little, until my 15th birthday, I used to visit my grams every Summer in Pushchino, Russia, a small city in a nature reserve. I loved it there: at home I had my laptop, tv and my beloved Pokémon games, but here I was climbing trees, catching fish and picking berries in the Russian woods. Such a difference. Anyways, this outfit reminds me of that time.
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