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OUTFIT RECAP | Bye October, Hello November

Bye October, hello November. Now that my favorite month of the year is over, I realize how quickly this year has passed me by. This year has definitely been a rollercoaster ride if you ask me. And now 2016 is almost over and November is here. That shit cray! Not only when it comes to my personal life, but also fashion wise; I've recently changed up my whole wardrobe and it made me feel so inspired. In this outfit recap I'm showing you everything I wore during the month of October (+ September, because I didn't do an outfit recap previous month). Let me know which outfit was your favorite.
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OUTFIT RECAP | August 2016

Are you kidding me? Is the month of August already over, seriously?! I can't believe two months of Summer vacay are over and I need to go back to uni in 5 days (yes I say this in every blogpost, but guys, I REALLY can't believe it). This means bye to the boho blouses, denim shorts and lace playsuits. You will be missed... Let's enjoy these Summer-y outfits one more time in my Outfit Recap of August 2016 (and after that, I can't wait to take out all my woolen sweaters and turtlenecks!). Let me know which outfit was your favorite!
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OUTFIT RECAP | What I Wore During City Trips

Picking out outfits when you're planning to go on a city trip can be tricky. You don't have the luxury of your whole closet, shoes and accessories and have to work with what you got. And even if you filled up your suitcase in every way possible, there's always something that we miss when choosing what to wear that day. The struggle is real. In this outfit recap blogpost, I'm focusing on what I wore during city trips I recently had. I went to Paris for 3 days and to Mallorca for 8 days, so I had to work with the items I got. Still, I feel like all these outfits look well put together - nobody would notice I didn't have my endless closet with me (just kidding, haha). Hope I can give you some inspo!
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OUTFIT RECAP | June Summer Outfits

Well, well, well. the month of June is almost over. For me, it means two thing: Summer vacay is almost here ánd it's time for a new Outfit Recap! I still need to get my grade back for Criminal Law 3 and I have loads of other shit to take care of, but the end is near. Anyways, I'm so curious what you think of my June Summer outfits. I have 4 outfits to show you and I wanna know your favorite!
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