Hi guys! Well well well, what have we here: the month of July (!) is near its end and August is here. This means that I only have one month until I have get back to my usual university live. One month of being a fulltime blogger and after that I'm going back to my usual schedule. Anyways, that's not the point of this blogpost: in today's post I'm going to show you all of the outfits I wore during the month of July. And be prepared, this time I have an awful lot of outfits to show. Okay, that's actually not that awful, but you get the point. I'm going to make this intro short and sweet, 'cause there are a lot of pictures that I need to show you!
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Hey there! It's almost the end of June! I feel like this month just flew by like cray cray. One of the things I always like to do at the end of each month is to look back at all the different outfits that I wore. I think it's cool to see your style changing during the month when temperatures are rising. Today I have quite some cute and chill outfit of the days to show you, so I hope you enjoy! And I can't wait for this month to come, and show you all of my super Summer-y outfits! So yeah, leggo.
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Hello guys! Because I've been posting a lot more outfit of the days on my blog lately, I wanted to start this new monthly Outfit Recap series. From now on, at the end of each month I will be showing you all the outfits I wore previous month. Personally, I think these blogposts are great, because you can truly see the diversity of someone's style, in one single post. It's very inspiring + it's also nice to see someone's sense of fashion evolve. I have quite some outfits to show you this month, so let's start, shall we?
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