My Shoe Collection & Shoe Closet Tour

Now that I am almost moving out of my loft apartment in Groningen, I wanted to dedicate a couple of blogpost to different areas in my interior. I know a lot of you love my loft just as much as I do, so I hope you enjoy seeing it in this blogpost + video for the last time before I move to Washington DC! Today I'm going to show you my shoe collection and also give you a tour of my shoe closet. This is definitely one of my favorite parts of my loft apartment, because I love how clean it looks (and I love my shoes too).
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Supplied by Lily Luxury Student Stationery

Gucci Nymphaea Designer Bag

I am so excited to be sharing my newest addition to my designer bag collection: The Gucci Nymphaea Leather Top Handle Bag in Small with Black Leather. Although there are many popular Gucci bags out there, such as the Gucci Dionysus or the Gucci Marmont, I decided to go for a very different style this time. In my opinion, the Gucci Nymphaea Designer Bag that I purchased is such an underrated Gucci bag. When I did my research on this bag, I could barely find any reviews whatsoever online. That's why I decided to dedicate this blogpost to my Gucci Nymphaea. If you're interested in this bag, or you just want to know why I got it, keep reading!
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How To Style Denim Shorts for Summer

The denim shorts is a staple for Summer. I think every girl has a pair in her wardrobe. I honestly live in denim shorts whenever the weather is getting real hot. In my opinion, denim shorts can look extremely fashionable, if styled the right way. That's why I decided to make a new How To Style video where I will be showing you my 4 favorite ways to style denim shorts for Summer. You can find the video with the looks, extra photos and all info where I got everything in this blogpost. Hope you enjoy!
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White Converse All Stars Sneakers

Yeah, you saw that right: I am actually wearing sneakers in this outfit post. If you know my style, you know that I literally never wear sneakers on a daily basis. However, due to the fact I recently received a new pair of kicks and I know a lot of you do like to wear them, I decided to make this very casual outfit post for you. I am featuring my new white Converse All Stars sneakers, which are honestly the most classic sneakers you can find. Even for a non-sneakerhead like me, they are a wardrobe staple. Hope you enjoy!
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SUMMER FASHION GUIDE | Trends & Capsule Wardrobe Basics

One of my cornerstone articles and videos is the 'Fashion Guide' series. I started this series because I felt like there wasn't any information available about seasonal fashion that was not only evolved around trends. Don't take me wrong; Trends are fun. However, if you want to prevent the 'I have so many clothes, yet nothing to wear'-situation, you must also invest in some basics to pair you trendy pieces with. In this series, I wanted to create content that showed a couple of my favorite trends for the upcoming season, but also focused my go to basics you'll need in your wardrobe all year round. So in this Summer Fashion Guide I am going to show you 5 of my musthave trends and 5 Summer capsule wardrobe basics including a shopping checklist you can take with you whenever your shopping, so you won't be buying unnecessary sh*t, haha.
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