The Open Back Avocado Top Outfit

Okay, I know: this blogpost title seems a bit peculiar. An avocado top, really? Well don't judge me: my love for avocado toast is so real, that I just couldn't pass up on this really cute open back avocado top I saw at Zara. I guess avocado is my one true bae, haha! This top is perfect if you want to try out a Summer-y print, but you are not really into florals. This top is even more perfect for the warm weather, because it has a super flattering open back. However, you don't need to worry about stick on bras or that kind of thing. It's actually designed in such a way, that you can still wear a normal bra underneath it: perfect!
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How To Style Basics For Spring

If you kind of know my style, you know that I can't live without my basics. Especially when the warmer weather is coming, I like to wear more simple outfits with less layers. That's why I decided to make a new How To Style episode for you guys consering basics for Spring. I'm going to show you 4 different outfits featuring different basic pieces. Although these outfits contain basics, I feel like they turned out looking cute and unique. It's all about the styling you guys! So yeah, if you are interested in seeing my different looks, keep reading!
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My Style Evolution

Hey guys! If you need a good laugh today, I gotchu. You definitely have to watch my newest video I just uploaded about My Style Evolution. If you don't know what these videos are about: I'm going to show you outfit pictures from a couple years ago and compare it to the fashion style that I have today. This way, you can really see the evolution my style (and also my appearance omg) had during a couple of years. Imagine me as a skater/hiphop girl and many other cringe-worthy looks... Yup, you have to watch this video!
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Favorite Floral Dress & Vegan Hotspot

My number one essential for Spring is a pretty floral dress. Even if you're not into floral prints or you don't like to look like a girly girl, a floral dress is still essential for your wardrobe. Now that the weather is finally getting better in the Netherlands (thank the lord hallelujah), I can finally pull out my favorite floral dress from H&M and enjoy some delicious smoothie bowls and almond cappuccino at one of my favorite vegan hotspots in Groningen called Anat (you can read more about this vegan hotspot here).
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3 White Blouses for Spring

One of my favorite items to wear for Spring are white blouses. There's just something about a white, crisp blouse that screams Spring time to me. There are a couple of aspects I look for when purchasing a white blouse. First of all, I like to go for a slightly casual and oversized fit and a structured, cotton material. This way your blouse will the perfect piece to wear whenever the Summer weather is getting hotter. Also, I like to go for a more interesting and trendy model. A white blouse is timeless, so even if you're rocking a more trendy silhouette, you will be able to wear it next season as well. I've picked out 3 white blouses that are all quite different and essential for your Spring to Summer wardrobe.
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