How To Find Your Style in 5 Steps

I feel like every girl goes through something similar: the struggle of finding your personal style. We all want our outfits to reflect our own unique personality. Unfortunately it's not that easy. Finding pieces that will make you not only look, but also feel good is pretty hard. I've struggled with finding my fashion sense for ages as well. I've always had this everchanging style that differed on a daily basis. Sometimes I wore girly clothes, other times I looked like a edgy rock chick. However, after a lot of thinking, analyzing and of course shopping, I finally found the style that truly represents me. I want to make this journey slightly easier for you, so that's why I'm going to showing you how to find your style in 5 steps. These steps worked for me, so I'm pretty sure they will work for you too!
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How To Build Your Capsule Wardrobe with Basics

'I have too many clothes, but nothing to wear' - sounds familiar? I've struggled with this issue for quite a long time. Everyday I would wake up and spend such a long time searching for a cute outfit and never really feeling satisfied with the final result. I started to research why I had this and if there was a way I could fix it. That's when I discovered the capsule wardrobe system. It's a wardrobe organizing system based around basic wardrobe essentials every girl needs to have in her closet.
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The Blazer Off Duty Look

I'm not gonna lie: personally I find it quite hard to style up blazers without feeling like I just came from the office. Don't take me wrong: I love a good blazer and I feel like it's a basic wardrobe essential in anybody's closet, but I find hard to incorporate it into my more casual style. However, when I raided my closet yesterday, I saw this beautiful blazer and I couldn't resist wearing it. I wanted to challenge myself to create that perfect blazer off duty look - and I think it turned out pretty great. So great, I feel like I'm going to start wearing blazers more often. And maybe even invest in a new, nude pink one...
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FASHION GUIDE | How To Style Floral Prints For Spring

Floral prints are huge this Spring - groundbreaking, I know (shout out to The Devil Wears Prada). With that being said, the floral print has been completely reinvented this year: say bye to the small, dainty blossoms and hello to the big, artistic floral prints we've seen on the runway at Gucci. Because floral can be a bit tricky to style, I decided to dedicate a Fashion Guide video on How To Style Floral Prints for Spring 2017. I'm going to give you tips on how to pick a floral print that suits you, show you how I style 4 different outfits ánd there is a lookbook at the end!
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A Gucci Haul: GG Marmont Belt & Cruise Collection Bengal Wallet

Gucci's creative director has been KILLING it lately (shout out to Alessandro Michele!). I think we can safely say that the 'new' Gucci has been completely reinvented and exploded massively; almost every blogger I see on Instagram owns at least one item from this brand! Although I can understand that some people are set off by this hype (and of course, the price), I genuinely love Gucci's designs and I know I will still love them after the trend fades away. So that's why I did some shopping recently and ended up with a mini Gucci haul, containing the GG Marmont Belt & Cruise Collection Bengal Wallet. These items go perfectly with my style, hence I decided to invest in them! If you want to know more about these beauties and hear my opinion about the quality and price of them, keep reading!
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