Why Law Of Attraction Is Overrated

The Law of Attraction: everybody has at least heard something about it on the internet. This theory has been around for a while now, but I feel like the hype surrounding it is now bigger than ever. I used to be a firm believer in the law of attraction. Although I still believe in the law of attraction to some extent, I discovered some downsides to this theory as well. I did some reading recently that really changed my perspective when it comes to this way of thinking. I realized that law of attraction is an overrated theory, with a strong Western perspective, and a unhealthy & unrealistic view on life. Want to know why I changed my mind and what caused it? Definitely keep reading and watch my latest video down below!
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Jean-Paul Sartre and the Pont Des Arts

It's strange to realize how certain places can seem so ordinary to some, while be so extraordinary to others, all at once. For some people the 'Pont des Arts' can seem like a regular bridge in Paris, while to other people it can feel like they are being teleported back to other times. That's how I felt when I was walking passed this bridge, and realizing that my favorite philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre must have done the same thing, yet centuries ago. The fact that I was standing at the same spot where he would've talked, walked and thought, while reading his Nausea, was mind-blowing to me. It made me reflect on the past years of my life too. A long time ago, I discovered his existentialistic philosophy, which made me change my life completely. And even now that I am way older, I still have some difficulties implementing his philosophy into my life. I know this may not seem a topic that's for everybody, but trust me; you need to continue reading this, because I feel like it will help you with your life too.
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PHILOSOPHY WITH LILY | Law of Attraction + My Bullying Story

I'm opening up to you. It may seem pretty obvious - being a blogger and vlogger for over 2 years - you would expect that I would have shared so much with you already. Of course, I do share a lot on the internet, but there's a big difference between showing you my personal life or my personal thoughts. And that last thing is what I'm planning on doing today, hence I'm really opening up to you this time. In this first official episode of Philosophy with Lily - or Phililyphy - I'm talking about my view on law of attraction and sharing my bullying story as well. Using the law of attraction definitely made me a stronger, more confident and better person and I'm proud to admit that. So yeah, if you're interested in me getting all close up and personal with you, grab some hot coco and check out my new video down below.
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