Law School Vlog #31 + New Blog Layout

New week, new me? This Monday I've realized that we are almost halfway through 2017. How crazy is that, honestly? I feel like 2017 has definitely been quite the year for me. Although some amazing things have happened to me this year, I still feel like I would not call this year a 'good' year. I had and still have some major challenges ahead of me and it makes me feel rather anxious - while not being a naturally anxious person at all. Anyways, one of the things that keeps me going this year is constant change (pretty paradoxical isn't it). I keep wanting to reinvent myself and find new ways to express my feelings, thoughts and mindstates. On that note, I made a rather different Law School Vlog #31 this time and also switched up my blog layout a bit. Hope you like it!
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5 Tips For The Perfect Minimal, Matching Feed On Instagram + Giveaway

Every blogger wants it: that perfect minimal, matching feed on Instagram. But how do you achieve it? Well, I gotcha guuurl: I'm going to give you my 5 tips for the perfect, minimal matching feed on Instagram + I have an exciting giveaway for you as well. Definitely keep reading if you want to check out my Instagram tips, watch my video how I edit my Instagram photos and participate in a really cool giveaway, woohoo!
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A New Layout, A New Lily Like.

Hi there. Thank you so much for dropping by and checking out the new and improved Lily Like. It has been ages since I've made any major changes to my blog. The reason why was that I actually really enjoyed the way my blog looked for a very long time. I loved the layout, I loved the header and I loved working on it. But you know how it goes: all of a sudden you feel uninspired and everything you once loved feels boring af. Well, that's what happened to me. I felt like I've really outgrown my previous blog. I've matured. Not only when it came to my personal life, but also with my fashion sense and, of course, my blog style. I needed something new, that would reflect my personality, vision and attitude to life. Instead of updating my blog every day, I rather wanted to create helpful, inspiring and beautiful content YOU would actually enjoy. Honestly, this almost feels like a huge 'closet clean', but then for my blog, haha!
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My New iPhone 7 Rose Gold

Woohoo, it's finally mine: the iPhone 7 Rose Gold! Honestly, you can't imagine how happy I am right now. My old iPhone 6 was literally dying and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new iPhone 7. I was lucky enough to score one during the pre-order at Apple and after waiting a week (the longest week EVER), I got this beauty in the mail! I went for the iPhone 7 in Rose Gold with 128GB, just because I make a lot of photos + have an extensive music collection.
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Boohoo. Today I'm going to share my Last Lily Like Vlog episode with you for a while. Now that Summer vacation is almost over (uni starts in less than a week), my Lily Like Vlogs are going to end. Next Summer I will definitely pick them up again tho. But I did save the best for last, because in this episode I have a meeting with Youtube at Google Office, so cool! I was invited to participate in a Content Lab at Youtube, and my channel was one of the case channels. It was really interesting and helpful, and I can't wait to show you the footage I made that day. Hope you enjoy!
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