I think most of you know that Lily Like is my fulltime business, next to being a law student. Lily Like is not only the blog you're reading right now, but also my Youtube channel, my social media and my newly opened webshop Supplied by Lily. All these elements together, plus working my ass off for 2 years, made sure that I had a pretty good income for a student (but with no stability unfortunately). I know some of you are interested in a Youtube career as well (and others just want to know more about it, 'cause it's pretty cool, let's be honest), so I decided to share my story and some tips and tricks about how to make Youtube your job in my newest Lily Like Vlog #4.
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Supplied by Lily Luxury Student Stationery

INTERIOR | My Desk/Office Tour

Me and my desk/office have been inseparable besties these last couple of days. I spend most of my time at my desk studying, blogging or eating (yeah it's my dinertable too, but shhh, don't tell!). I always want my desk to be a clean, neat and inspiring. That's why I always make sure it's tidy and I change up my home decor quite often too. This way I stay motivated and inspired working in my little office. I thought it would be nice to give you a lil' peek, so this blogpost is going to be my desk/office tour. Hope you enjoy!
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Supplied By Lily: Releasing my own Desk Planner!

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it! Guys. Seriously. This is the most exciting news I've ever shared with you. It's official now: I'm going to release my own Desk Planner for (Law) School/University Students! A while ago I asked you guys if you thought it would be a good idea and something you'd be interested in buying. I got a massive response from all of you saying pretty much the same thing. YAAS. Haha. This got me even more excited to be working on this project. Previous weekend I teamed up with my mom (she's a graphic designer - super handy I know) to create the first draft of my Supplied By Lily desk planner.
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BLOG TIPS | How To Marble-ize Your Phone & Laptop + Giveaway

I think all bloggers can agree to this: having a phone and laptop is crucial when you're a blogger. I literally take my phone and laptop everywhere with me, so I'm able to update my blog, Youtube channel and social media channels wherever, whenever. Yeah, guess I'm kinda addicted to them, not gonna lie! Anyways, because my iPhone and MacBook are so important to me, I like to make them look cute. I feel like they represent my blog indirectly, so I kinda want them to match with it too. That's why I wanted to spice them up. And now I have the best and easiest idea for that. If you're always so jealous of all those perfect Pinterest-y laptop skins and phone covers, I got you covered. 'Cause in this Blog Tips series I'm showing you how to marble-ize your phone & laptop + I have a giveaway for you too!
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BLOG TIPS | Falcon Eyes Ringlight

Bloggers, be alert: 'Cause it's time for some blog tips that are coming your way today! Now that the sunny days are over and Winter is right around a corner (yeah you heard that right, Winter is coming...), I really wanted to invest in some lighting for my blog and Youtube channel. Especially when it comes to photographing your face beat of filming make-up tutorials, it's very important to have good lighting. It makes a world of a difference, trust me! So for my birthday, one of the presents that I got was actually this Falcon Eyes Ringlight. And today I'm going to tell you why you need this in your life!
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