LAW SCHOOL VLOG #30 | Last Lectures & Life Changing Moments

Good morning guys! It’s time for a quick blog update. I had kind of a bad day yesterday (read: editing a video the whole day and then getting fucked over by my editing software so I couldn't upload it), and today isn't going to be much better (read: I have a deadline tonight for my take-home exam for Social Philosophy: Language and Power and I still have to do so much for it). I've been super busy lately, especially when it comes to my Youtube and blog life. I wanted to show you what was happening in my life, so that's why in Law School Vlog #30 I added a snippet of my hectic previous week + a good ol' vlawg. Hope you enjoy!
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HOTSPOT | Little Lovely Living Groningen

One of the reasons why I love Groningen is all the hotspots you can find there. And the best thing is that new cool places are popping up every month! I have to say: I finally found THE CUTEST hotspot ever in Groningen. Yeah, I'm not kidding you, walking into this store is like being transported to a pink cloud filled with glitter and unicorns. Did I make you feel excited? Well you should! I'm talking about Little Lovely Living Groningen, an online and offline concept (they have two flagship stores in Groningen) with home, gifting and food items. And yes, they have those super Instagrammable milkshakes and hot chocolates!
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DIY Pinterest Desk Decor & Organization Tips + Giveaway

An organized and pretty desk space is a must for having a productive day. I work from home on a daily basis (not only when I'm studying for my Law and Philosophy classes, but also when it comes to my Youtube channel, Blog and other Social Media), so I like my desk to be neat and inspiring. However, after a while I get tired of staring at the same decorations all the time, so I decided to get creative and re-vamp my desk area. I came up with 4 different DIY Pinterest Desk Decor & Organization Tips and I'm going to share them with you today. They're super easy and match my go-to aesthetics perfectly: minimal, marble & rose gold! The best part is, I'm actually doing a giveaway, so you can recreate one of the DIY ideas as well!
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Breakfast in Bed in Paris

It's time for the last blogpost about my trip to Paris (for now). The last hotel I visited during my trip to Paris recently was Hotel Thérèse. It was a really cosy and cute hotel with a lovely atmosphere. Although I could only stay there for one night, I had a lovely stay there. My favorite thing about the hotel was its location and the sweet staff. And I could actually use this breakfast in bed in Paris right now, haha. Some fresh croissants and baguette, s'il vous plaît!
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My Stay in Hotel de Nell Paris

Oh, how I miss Paris! Now that I've been back in Groningen, in the real world, I can't wait to plan my next trip again. Although I would like to visit a different city, I wouldn't mind to visit Paris again too... Especially because I had such a pleasurable stay there. One of the hotels I stayed at was Hotel de Nell. It's a relaxed and chic luxury 5-star hotel, located in the city centre of Paris.
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