LAW SCHOOL VLOG #27 | The University Library Is My Second Home.

Good morning guys. It's time for a quick update. As you probably know (if you follow me on my social media channels), I'm in the middle of my exam period right now. That means it's time for a new law school vlog! Honestly, the university library is my second home at the moment. I finished two exams and today I have my last exam of the second half of the first semester. Honestly I can't wait till everything is over and I have my normal life back - which is going to be great, because tomorrow I'm actually already leaving for Paris! However, it's not all fun and games, because I also need to finish writing my personal statement and fix my CV for my semester abroad application to George Washington Law School in Washington DC. So yeah, lot to do in such little time. With that being said, let's check out my new vlawg!
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My Make-Up Collection & Make-Up Vanity Tour

I'm a beauty junkie: that's no secret. I have been collecting make-up since I was a young girl (I always 'stole' my mom's make-up from her beauty cabinet when I was little, haha!). I have a rather extensive make-up collection and I store everything in my pretty make-up vanity (after 2 years I'm still OBSESSED with it, haha!). So I decided to finally show you my whole make-up stash + give you a make-up vanity tour as well. I had to clean and organize everything for hours before I was done with preparing for these photos and video, so I hope you can appreciate the effort I've made to make everything look picture perfect!
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HOTSPOT | Feel Good Groningen

Today I'm going to talk about on of my favorite and most visited hotspots in Groningen. It's called Feel Good, a cute café that serves healthy food and juices. It's located right in the city centre and you can often find me there grabbing a bite with some friends or getting a smoothie to go. I love eating out the door, but I don't want to fill my body with bad food. That's why I love eating at Feel Good Groningen so much: all their recipes are delicious and healthy!
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How To Instantly Make Your Interior Look Luxe

One of the most frequent asked questions I get is about my loft. A lot of you wonder how I can keep it looking so luxe, while still being only a student. Well guys, I'm going to share a little secret with you. If you want to make your interior look luxe in an instant, get some pretty flowers. I guarantee you, this stuff works. I always make sure I have some greens in my room, but fresh flower bouquets are my favorite. There's just something so special about a vase filled with pretty roses and lilies! And no ladies, you don't need a man to buy you flowers, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself with some. ;)
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A Harrods High End Luxury Beauty Haul.

I remember so vividly the first time (and unfortunately also last time) I visited Harrods in London. I fell in love with this store (can we even call it a store? I feel like that word doesn't do it justice at all). Its beautiful interior, the cosy atmosphere and the amazing brands that they sell... Take me back please! With that being said, when Harrods contacted me if I wanted to try out some of their products, I of course said yes. How exciting! So today you can read all about my Harrods Hight End Luxury Beauty Haul. Let's get started!
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