PERSONAL | My Not So Cliché Life Goals for 2016

At first I really didn't want to do a 'goals for 2016' kind of post. Most of them are super cliché and they seem all pretty similar too. But because I got such an overwhelming positive response to my previous, very personal post, it felt right to also share this personal thing with you guys: my not so cliché life goals for 2016. I'd like to call them not so cliché, but I guess it's just how you look at it of course. In 2016, I really want to do it right. Have my priorities straight, grow as a person and not focus as much on the bullshit. Having these goals all written down in one place definitely motivates me to stick to them too. And of course, at the end of 2016, it's fun to see if I actually nailed them or nah. So I present to you: this is everything that I want to achieve in 2016.
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PERSONAL | My Life Lessons of 2015 (That Will Help You in 2016)

Recently I've been trying to write shorter posts on my blog. Generally, people like reading shorter articles with more pictures, instead of really detailed blogposts with a lot of text. Same counts for me too. With that being said, I really started missing writing in my usual long, cryptical and personal way on my blog. A couple of things happened in my life recently (or not so recently and I'm still trying to figure them out). One of the ways I like to deal with that sort of stuff is by writing it down.
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PERSONAL | 10 Things I’ve Never Shared About Me

I've always thought of my blog as my personal online diary. For me, it still feels like the things that I write here are only read by a couple of strangers somewhere in the world - but that's it. Lately I've been realizing that a lot of people that I know, or only kinda know, are reading my blog on a daily basis too. And although this made me feel a bit weird at some point - people coming up to me and knowing all sorts of things about me, despite the fact I've never talked to them before - I still want to keep this blog as personal as can be. My blog will always be my own little cyber space and even if millions of people are going to read it, I'm still going to do me (not that I think that something like that will ever happen, but hey, a girl can dream!) Anyways, I thought it would be nice to share some real personal info with you guys. These are 10 things I've never shared about me before!
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PERSONAL | Exists 2 Years!

2 years. It's been exactly 2 years since I've started with this amazing thing called blogging, 'cause today exists 2 years! Honestly, I still can't believe that so much time has gone by. Yeah, I've written hundreds of blogposts almost everyday, but it doesn't feel like I've been blogging for 2 whole years... It's so funny, but I actually remember so clearly posting my first blogpost on my blog - then called NAPPY HAIRZ. I was super nervous about it, but I also had that 'oh I don't care, 'cause I'm probably going to quit with this before somebody will even read this' vibe going on. If you would ask me then, if my blogging would ever have lead to having my own business ánd so much amazing opportunities I wouldn't believe it. It's cray cray!
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PERSONAL | Say bye to Lily Like…

Yeah, you read that right: Say bye to Lily Like... For now. Comfy clothes and big cups of coffee. That's pretty much my life at the moment. Due to my exams these next two weeks, I literally don't have any time to make cool blog and Youtube content for you. That's why I decided to take a study break from blogging, to really focus on my law school exams. I hope you understand. Of course I will be still posting new stuff on my Instagram and Snapchat (@lilnappyhairz), so definitely follow me there if you want to keep up to date with me and my hard knock life, haha.
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