Hey there! The moment you are reading this, I'm probably on my way to Rotterdam. I'm going to meet up with Josie & Kim there + get lash extensions for the very first time! And ugh, I chilled a bit too hard last night, so I'm kind of feeling like a dead person, haha. Luckily concealer is my best friend, so no worries about that! These last couple of weeks were, despite the fact I finally finished all of my exams, pretty busy. I had my dance show, went to prom & visited the new Primark A/W 2015 collection. If you wanna know more about it, keep reading!
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Hey guys! Today's Nappysnaps is going to be a lil' bit shorter than normal, because GOD DAMN THESE EXAMS ARE KILLING ME. I just can't get myself to it, despite the fact this particular subject is a bitch and my time is running out. That's why I'm going to keep this Nappysnaps blogisode short and sweet, hope you don't mind. So let's start!
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Hey guys! Good Monday morning to you all! Before you're gonna read this post, I wanna warn you: be prepared for a big ass Nappysnaps! I kinda fainted when I realized how many pictures I had to go through from these last 2 weeks in only a couple of hours. Okay, not really, but you get the point: I did some awesome stuff and I made too many photos. #storyofmylife. I want to keep this intro short and sweet, because I have so freaking many pics to show you. Let's stop the rambling and jump right in, shall we?
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Hey guys! I don't know even where to begin telling you guys about all the stuff that happened to me these last two weeks. So much fun things to share with you, it's kind of overwhelming for me, haha! So be prepared, today I'm going to have a loooot to talk about. I feel like Summer is almost here. Not the weather (it's still pretty much crap here in Holland), but just the careless vibe in general. I love it. And it's probably due to the #Summerguidebabes stuff I've been filming with Josie. Anyways, let's start, shall we?
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Hi there! Damn you guys, I had such a fun weekend, I can't stop smiling! As you probably already saw on my social media, I had an awesome chilling session with my girl Josie this weekend. We're working on an awesome Youtube series and we can't wait to show you the final result. It's going to be so cool, I promise you! Despite from filming cool Youtube series, I've been very busy these last two weeks. I don't know how I manage doing all the things that I do, because it's getting a bit cray cray. I feel like I can't do all the things that I want to do perfectly, and it annoys me as fuck. I just can't wait for Summer you guys. Anyways, I'm rambling as always, so I guess it's time for the Nappysnaps blogpost!
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