Hey there! How you doing guys? It has been 2 weeks since I've done one, so you can probably guess it already: it's Nappysnaps time (still can't get over the fact how catchy that sounds, lol). This blogisode is a bit shorter than the previous ones and that's because I've been so busy these last 2 weeks. I didn't have that much time to Instagram, haha. Anyways, I still made a lot of pretty pictures, especially during the Valentine's Day period, haha. Pink and red tones are just very pretty to photograph in my opinion. So yeah, because I'm going to ramble a lot this whole post, I think it's a good idea to start! ;) So leggo!
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Hi there! How are you doing guys? I know it's Monday, which means is probably at least a bit suck-y, but hey, things could be worse, trust me. Since my uni schedule has changed because I started with my third period, my Mondays aren't that aweful anymore actually. My school starts at only at 1 PM, so I'm able to sleep in + do some stuff as well. I'm always studying and blogging at night, so sleeping in for me is a must, haha. Anyways, a lot has happened these last couple of weeks. Although I enjoy writing Monday Matters every other Monday, I do feel like my Nappysnaps are not as 'fresh' anymore, because some things seem like ages ago. I do think once a week is too much though, because I personally don't like to read these recaps too often. But yeah, if you wanna see all the exciting stuff that happened to me these last two weeks, keep reading!
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Hi guys! It literally feels like it has been ages since I've done one of these Nappysnaps posts. I really missed writing them actually, haha. I love to give you guys a sneakpeek in my daily (Insta) life. Not that my life is so interesting or something, but I just like looking back and appreciate all the nice things that happened to me. So yeah, if you want to see what I've been upto the last couple of weeks, keep reading!
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Hey there! Instead of writing this blogpost in the morning while I'm chilling in my bed, I'm already at uni for my last Civil Law 2 class. Vacation is over and I have to start living the hard knock law student life again. My exams are almost here and I'm pretty scared to be honest. I'm constantly doubting myself and I have no idea why. I know I can do this, I know I can be a badass criminal defense lawyer, so why do I feel so insecure about my abilities? I just have to start focusing on the important stuff so I can nail my exams. 'Cause time is ticking away and time flies. Speaking about time that flies, today is already my second Nappysnaps episode. I think a lot of y'all enjoyed the first episode, 'cause I got a lot of comments! So thanks guys, I really appreciate it. So yeah, let's start, shall we?
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Hi there! It’s time for something new. As you probably already know, my Nappy’z Weekly Vision posts have come to an end. Say goodbye to NWV, but hello Nappysnaps! Nappysnaps: I wanted something short and catchy, so that’s why I went with Nappysnaps. And it makes me laugh, overtime I write this down, lol. It reminds of ‘Schnappi das kleinen…
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