DIY Pinterest Desk Decor & Organization Tips + Giveaway

An organized and pretty desk space is a must for having a productive day. I work from home on a daily basis (not only when I'm studying for my Law and Philosophy classes, but also when it comes to my Youtube channel, Blog and other Social Media), so I like my desk to be neat and inspiring. However, after a while I get tired of staring at the same decorations all the time, so I decided to get creative and re-vamp my desk area. I came up with 4 different DIY Pinterest Desk Decor & Organization Tips and I'm going to share them with you today. They're super easy and match my go-to aesthetics perfectly: minimal, marble & rose gold! The best part is, I'm actually doing a giveaway, so you can recreate one of the DIY ideas as well!
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Breakfast in Bed in Paris

It's time for the last blogpost about my trip to Paris (for now). The last hotel I visited during my trip to Paris recently was Hotel Thérèse. It was a really cosy and cute hotel with a lovely atmosphere. Although I could only stay there for one night, I had a lovely stay there. My favorite thing about the hotel was its location and the sweet staff. And I could actually use this breakfast in bed in Paris right now, haha. Some fresh croissants and baguette, s'il vous plaît!
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Omg you guys. I literally still can't believe this has actually happened. But it did. It actually happened. I am nominated for a VEED Award in the category of Best Female Youtuber! I honestly don't know what to say, except for the fact that this is huge for me personally. I was so emotional yesterday when I heard the news, haha. However, I do need your help. It would be amazing if you could vote for me in the category 'vrouw' (= woman) if you have the time. You can find the direct link here.
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My Stay in Hotel de Nell Paris

Oh, how I miss Paris! Now that I've been back in Groningen, in the real world, I can't wait to plan my next trip again. Although I would like to visit a different city, I wouldn't mind to visit Paris again too... Especially because I had such a pleasurable stay there. One of the hotels I stayed at was Hotel de Nell. It's a relaxed and chic luxury 5-star hotel, located in the city centre of Paris.
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Study With Me

Happy Tuesday guys! I hope you're all doing well - I'm doing much better than in my previous blogposts. Guess this new moon and shit isn't as bad as I thought it was, haha. Anyways: today I'm going to share something completely different with you. I posted my first Study with Me session ever on my Youtube channel. In a Study with me video I'm studying for 30 minutes while I don't fast forward or anything. It's a bit like having a study buddy when you're studying. You won't feel alone when watching this video! I was pretty nervous about what you guys would think, but most of you were so positive about it!
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