Petit Déjeuner in Paris (+ the Prettiest Apartment View Ever)

The smell of fresh croissants in the morning is one of those things anybody can appreciate. Who doesn't like to start the day with a nice petit déjeuner? Especially if you are able to eat them while sitting in a window pain, listening to the sound of Parisiennes, while enjoying the view of La Tour Eiffel. If you follow me on my Instagram and Snapchat, you will already have seen the beautiful apartment I've been staying in these last couple of days. Now it's time to show you where I've actually been staying all this time!
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Moccachino & New Sunnies in Paris.

Waking up with a view of La Tour Eiffel, musée du Louvre and Pont de Arcs. Reading French philosophers in a crisp, white hotel bed. Having a delicious petit déjeuner with some fresh croissants, strawberries and orange juice, while applying your favorite face mask for some well-needed me-time. I guess there is not a lot more one can wish for. If you haven't read my previous blogpost, yes I am in Paris currently. Yesterday was my first full day in this beautiful city and it was lovely.
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Bonjour Paris!

After 3 hours of sleep, a 2,5 hour delay on a flight that only lasted 50 minutes and the stress of deadlines and exams, I can finally say I arrived in Paris. Au revoir Pays-Bas, bonjour Paris! You can't imagine how happy I am to be back here. And don't get me started on the appartment I'm staying at... The Louvre is literally our backyard and we can see the Eiffel Tower from our window, how magical! It gets better though. I actually had one of the loveliest dinners as well at a vegetarian Italian restaurant. Everything was so yummy and tasty, I literally ate until my stomach exploded, haha!
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LAW SCHOOL VLOG #27 | The University Library Is My Second Home.

Good morning guys. It's time for a quick update. As you probably know (if you follow me on my social media channels), I'm in the middle of my exam period right now. That means it's time for a new law school vlog! Honestly, the university library is my second home at the moment. I finished two exams and today I have my last exam of the second half of the first semester. Honestly I can't wait till everything is over and I have my normal life back - which is going to be great, because tomorrow I'm actually already leaving for Paris! However, it's not all fun and games, because I also need to finish writing my personal statement and fix my CV for my semester abroad application to George Washington Law School in Washington DC. So yeah, lot to do in such little time. With that being said, let's check out my new vlawg!
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My Make-Up Collection & Make-Up Vanity Tour

I'm a beauty junkie: that's no secret. I have been collecting make-up since I was a young girl (I always 'stole' my mom's make-up from her beauty cabinet when I was little, haha!). I have a rather extensive make-up collection and I store everything in my pretty make-up vanity (after 2 years I'm still OBSESSED with it, haha!). So I decided to finally show you my whole make-up stash + give you a make-up vanity tour as well. I had to clean and organize everything for hours before I was done with preparing for these photos and video, so I hope you can appreciate the effort I've made to make everything look picture perfect!
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