HOTSPOT | Little Lovely Living Groningen

One of the reasons why I love Groningen is all the hotspots you can find there. And the best thing is that new cool places are popping up every month! I have to say: I finally found THE CUTEST hotspot ever in Groningen. Yeah, I'm not kidding you, walking into this store is like being transported to a pink cloud filled with glitter and unicorns. Did I make you feel excited? Well you should! I'm talking about Little Lovely Living Groningen, an online and offline concept (they have two flagship stores in Groningen) with home, gifting and food items. And yes, they have those super Instagrammable milkshakes and hot chocolates!
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Breakfast in Bed in Paris

It's time for the last blogpost about my trip to Paris (for now). The last hotel I visited during my trip to Paris recently was Hotel Thérèse. It was a really cosy and cute hotel with a lovely atmosphere. Although I could only stay there for one night, I had a lovely stay there. My favorite thing about the hotel was its location and the sweet staff. And I could actually use this breakfast in bed in Paris right now, haha. Some fresh croissants and baguette, s'il vous plaît!
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My Stay in Hotel de Nell Paris

Oh, how I miss Paris! Now that I've been back in Groningen, in the real world, I can't wait to plan my next trip again. Although I would like to visit a different city, I wouldn't mind to visit Paris again too... Especially because I had such a pleasurable stay there. One of the hotels I stayed at was Hotel de Nell. It's a relaxed and chic luxury 5-star hotel, located in the city centre of Paris.
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Le Palais Royal Paris

One of my favorite spots (especially for outfit shooting) in Paris is Le Palais Royal. It such an unique location in my opinion; old and new architecture blending together into something stunningly beautiful. In a way, it represented the mindstate I had during my stay in Paris: old and new memories blending together, creating a different dimension to me. I'm still figuring everything out when it comes to that, but hopefully pieces are going to fall in their places soon. And yes, I wanted to wear stripes to match the location perfectly, haha! I think these photos turned out great and I can't wait to show you it 'in motion' in my upcoming video as well that I will be posting tonight...
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My Instagram Vegan & Vegetarian Hotspot Guide To Paris

I think all my blogger and Instagram babes can relate: you're planning a trip, and the first thought that pops into your head is 'where can I find the cutest Instagram hotspots here?'... Although sites like TripAdvisor etc. can help, but they tell you nothing about the Instagrammability (lol I think I just made that word up) of the places you're thinking of visiting. That's why I wanted to do an Instagram Hotspot Guide to Paris, because who doesn't want to take the perfect pictures in the cutest food hotspots there? So if you want to know where I took all my pictures on Instagram during my trip to Paris, keep reading (and the food of these places was also, so this guide is also perfect for all my non-influencer babes!).
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