HOTSPOT | Beau Make-Up Store Groningen

As most of you know, I live in Groningen, The Netherlands. Although Groningen is located pretty far off literally everything, I've never regretted it a bit to be living there. So whenever people ask me what places they should visit when they plan a day in Groningen, one of the hotspots I always mention is Beau Make-Up Store Groningen. This shop is like heaven for all my make-up junkies out there. They sell all kinds of hard-to-get-in-real-life make-up and beauty brands such as Real Techniques, Sleek and The Balm. You can imagine that I never leave this store empty handed after a visit, haha!
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HOTSPOT | No. 25 Groningen

It's time to take you to a new hotspot again, that's in my own hometown Groningen: N˚25. This is a lovely little café that's located next to my university + the uni library, which means that you can often find me here taking a well deserved study break. Haha. They serve healthy and freshly made meals, so it's perfect if you're also trying to get that Summer body (I'm going to start 1st of February!). I really don't like it when I go out to eat and cafés/restaurants don't have anything healthy to serve. At No. 25 Groningen you definitely can't go wrong when it comes to that!
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HOTSPOT | Vinnies Amsterdam

Everytime I'm visiting Amsterdam I like to discover a new cute hotspot to drink a latte or eat some good food. A while back I had a day planned with Josie in Amsterdam and we decided to go to this café/restaurant called Vinnies. Vinnies claims to be your living room-away-from-home. A place to enjoy good food and good company. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it?
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TRAVEL DIARY | My Christmas in Russia + Hotspots

The last time I posted a Travel Diary is so freaking long ago, I don't even wanna think about it, lol. My life at uni is fun and all, but if there's one thing I can't afford being a law student it's travelling a lot. I hate missing lectures and of course it also costs quite some money. Although I'm not the biggest wanderluster out there (some people are just so obsessed with dropping their daily life and flee to some faraway country - not me, I'm actually pretty happy with my daily life if I'm honest), I do like travelling, especially when it comes to meeting new people from other cultures. I find that so interesting and rewarding! Anyways, I was really happy though that I could visit my fam in Russia this year again. So in this Travel Diary I'm going to show you My Christmas in Russia + Hotspots, hope you enjoy!
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HOTSPOT | Pernikkel Groningen

Because I've been so busy lately, I didn't have the time to go out for lunch and discover new hotspots. Luckily that has changed now! A while ago I visited this restaurant called Pernikkel, located in the area Westerhaven in Groningen. It has a huge downstairs and upstairs space, filled with artsy stuff and comfy couches. Definitely feeling that vintage/hipster-ish vibe! They change their menu every week and you can eat there something for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Perfect!
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