Hi there! SORRY! I know, you were worried sick probably (or not, I don’t know, haha), because I didn’t post anything for a week. A week, I know, that shit cray! I’m so sorry guys, but I have a really good explanation for it (I promise!). First things first. The initial plan was that I would leave Portofino on Saturday,…
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Hello there! It’s pretty weird blogging about my travel experiences in Rhodes while I’m actually in Portofino at the moment. I’ve travelled to so many places this summer. I’ve been to Barcelona, to Rhodes, to Marmaris and now Portofino. It’s crazy, I’ve seen like the whole Mediterranean area in one summer! Anyways, today I’ll be showing you all the snapshots…
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Hey there! I took a loooooot of pictures in Barcalona. And with a lot, I'm literally mean shitloads. I almost didn't want to make this blogpost, because there were just many pictures to choose from. But then I thought, what if you never been to Barcalona, or you haven't been on holidays this summer, the second best thing are photos. And I have the ability to provide them and give you a little piece of my own summervacation. So yeah, of course I chose to show you them. Because pictures say more than 29493 words, I'm not gonna write a lot about this vacation and let you just look at the pics. I do want to say that I had an amazing time in Barcalona with my best friend Artak. It was really chill, no stress and no drama. We chilled at the beach, walked through the city and turned up at night at a couple of clubs. It was a real good vacation, the only thing that sucked were the cockroaches we saw in our hotel. Brrrrrr. Luckily it was only the last day. But aside from that, I had a fucking great time!
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Hey! Yesterday I uploaded the 1st part of my journey in Dubai, and today is going to be the 2nd part (I recommend that you read the 1st part before you start with this one, I know, kinda obvious haha). So grab something to drink and let’s get started, because this is going to be, again, a long post! I’m…
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Hi there! As you know, I went to Dubai for 7 days as a vacation. Unfortunately I didn’t vlog anything, because it wasn’t very handy. But I did make a lot of photos, so I decided to write a post about how my journey was in Dubai. Because I have a lot to tell you, I wanted to split my…
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