TRAVEL DIARY | A Weekend in Porto Ercole, Italy

Hey guys! Long time no see. I've been a little bit MIA lately on my blog and I haven't been posting as frequently here as I would like to. I think it all has to do with starting my new second half of the semester. I still have to get used to my new schedule and courses + I've been posting a lot on Youtube too recently. So my blogging game suffered from that unfortunately. Now I'm back with a belated travel diary about my weekend in Porto Ercole, Italy. This is a lovely place in Tuscany and my mom and I had a great stay there at the Argentario Golf Resort & Spa. This resort is the perfect combination between a minimal interior and amazing Italian nature. I can't wait to show you our amazing hotel room either!
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TRAVEL DIARY | A Weekend in Nice + Hotspots

Time for a new travel diary! A while ago I went on a weekend trip with my mom to Nice, France. We definitely needed to spend some q-time together. We had a great time, especially due to the weather and the lovely hotel we stayed in. So what to do when you're a weekend in Nice? Well, I'm going to share all my adventures + hotspots in this blogpost and travel vlog!
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HOTSPOT | Vegan Super Groningen

Veganism is hot! I’ve noticed more and more restaurants, cafés and shops adding vegan options to their assortment. I’ve never heard about a vegan supermarket before though. However, this week I was invited to the opening of the Vegan Super Groningen. It’s the first vegan supermarket in the Netherlands, how cool? Everything they sell is vegan, some items are also…
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HOTSPOT | Vegan Café Anat Groningen

Did you know the vegan community in Groningen (my city!) is the biggest of The Netherlands? Well, I didn't! We Groningers clearly love veganism. So it's no surprise that there are a lot of vegan hotspots in Groningen to discover. Today I'm going to share my experience in vegan café Anat Groningen with you. This is a cute hotspot located in the centre of Noorderplantsoen, our famous park in Groningen. Anyways, can't wait to show you my delicious oatmilk latte and tasty sandwich! <3
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TRAVEL DIARY | Pushchino, Russia

I think most of you know I'm Russian. Most of my family lives in Russia and when I was younger, I used to visit my grams every Summer. My family in Russia lives in Pushchino, a small city located in the same province as Moscow. It's actually a nature reservate, meaning it's surrounded by beautiful nature. It has a river, a big forest and a lot of places with the prettiest views. In this Travel Diary I'm showing you all the pictures I made during my adventure in Pushchino, Russia. I also have a vlog about my stay there, so I hope you enjoy!
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