HOTSPOT | Vegan Café Anat Groningen

Did you know the vegan community in Groningen (my city!) is the biggest of The Netherlands? Well, I didn't! We Groningers clearly love veganism. So it's no surprise that there are a lot of vegan hotspots in Groningen to discover. Today I'm going to share my experience in vegan café Anat Groningen with you. This is a cute hotspot located in the centre of Noorderplantsoen, our famous park in Groningen. Anyways, can't wait to show you my delicious oatmilk latte and tasty sandwich! <3
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TRAVEL DIARY | Pushchino, Russia

I think most of you know I'm Russian. Most of my family lives in Russia and when I was younger, I used to visit my grams every Summer. My family in Russia lives in Pushchino, a small city located in the same province as Moscow. It's actually a nature reservate, meaning it's surrounded by beautiful nature. It has a river, a big forest and a lot of places with the prettiest views. In this Travel Diary I'm showing you all the pictures I made during my adventure in Pushchino, Russia. I also have a vlog about my stay there, so I hope you enjoy!
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HOTSPOT | Cat Café Op Z’n Kop Groningen

Ever been to a cat café? Well, I haven't, until yesterday. I visited Kattencafé Op Z'n Kop in Groningen, a fairly new hotspot, just outside the main city centre. It's a place where cats and humans can relax, play and have a good time together. Well, that's sounds pretty perfect being a cat lady and all! At the moment there are 7 kittycats terrorizing the place (just kidding) and they are planning on getting more, woohoo! If you wanna see how cute they are, keep reading!
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Summer Travel Essentials + Giveaway!

Summer means travel. And although I love travelling, sometimes it can be stressful as hell. Instead of having a drawer full of your beauty products and holy grails, you can now only bring a bag full. Not only do you need to bring all your daily routine products, I also always need to have some skin rescue essentials with me - the most random things tend to happen when you're travelling. This means you need to pack smart and I'm here to help you out with that. In this blogpost I'm sharing you Summer Travel Essentials you need to bring with you on your holidays ánd there's also a giveaway involved of one of my favorite items!
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TRAVEL DIARY | Palma de Mallorca

Recently I went on a 8-day trip with my best friend to Palma de Mallorca. Previous year we visited Malaga, so we were very interested to see if we liked Palma more or nah. Well guys: Palma de Mallorca is a MUST-VISIT in my opinion. Wanna know why? Well, I have a very detailed Travel Diary including a Mallorca vlog in this blogpost for ya, explaining all that. Be ready to book your next Summer vacay to Palma de Mallorca after reading this...
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