HOTSPOT | SLA Amsterdam

Hi guys! It's been a while since I've done a hotspot blogpost about a must visit in The Netherlands. This time I have a super cute restaurant I want to share with you, called SLA Amsterdam. SLA is a organic salad bar in Amsterdam. I visited SLA Ceintuurbaan a while ago during a press day for the Konjac Sponge Company. I have to say, this hotspot looked gorgeous (especially the table setting!) and the food was healthy and de-li-cious. Wanna know what it was exactly? Keep reading!
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TRAVEL DIARY | A Weekend in Paris

Travelling gives me life. There's just something magical about discovering new places with people you love. After I finished my exams, I really needed a break. Me and my boyfriend decided to spontaniously book a weekend in Paris and damn, it was so awesome! To be perfectly honest, I didn't like Paris that much when I was there before (2 times). But this time I had a great experience! We've seen so much and made so many good memories - in this Travel Diary I'm taking you with me on this weekend in Paris trip. Hope you enjoy!
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PARIS DIARIES | Last Day in Paris

Good morning guys, and this time it's not from our Airbnb in Paris. No, at the moment I'm laying in my old room at my mom's place looking back at 3 amazing days in Paris. I didn't like this city before this trip, but now I definitely made some good memories here to change that opinion. 3 days went by so fast!
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PARIS DIARY | First Day in Paris

Good morning from my cute Airbnb in Paris! I mentioned in my previous blog (and on social media - of course!) I was going to Paris. It was a bit of a yolo decision, but I honestly feel like those are the best ones! Me and my friend (who's also a great photographer) thought why the hell not, booked a train ticket and an Airbnb and here we are, in la ville de l'amour! I've been to Paris two times before, but I have to say I didn't really like it that much. Maybe it had something to do with the bad weather back then, because this time my mind changed about Paris. It is a very pretty city, with great architecture and lovely food. If you wanna know what we did on our first day in Paris, keep reading!
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