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Hey guys, First of all, sorry, sorry, sorry for not uploading a video yesterday. I know, I feel pretty terrible about it, but the video that I wanted to upload was a lot of editing work and I just didn't have the time to finish it. Because damn, I'm stu-dying at the moment. It's like I can't find my motivation anywhere, despite the fact I love law and I really want to get high grades this last period. May the odds be ever in my favour, haha.
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Supplied by Lily Luxury Student Stationery


Hi there! This Monday, things are getting serious again. My little break from school is over and instead of the usual 2 subjects I have every period, my uni decided to turn up, which means that I have now 3 freaking courses I need to study for. One of them is Law and Economics and I already despise it. Anyways, because it's time to be serious again ánd it's Monday, today is the perfect day for a new blogisode of Monday Matters. In this Monday Matters episode I'm going to talk about Charlie Hebdo. I think this is a sensitive hot topic, so I really wanted to share my thoughts with you.
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Hey guys! Most of the time I walk around like I just came from hiphop dance class. Which I really enjoy by the way, haha. But sometimes, you need to discard a bit of that swag and add some chic-ness to the mix. I’m talking about outfits that are still fashionable, but will be appropriate for work or other more…
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Hi! As promised, I’m going to show you my pimped up university supplies. I know, some of you will think that I’m way too old for pimped up school suppies (and hopefully, some of you won’t), but I could care less: I’ve always been a creative monster and I love simple things like pimping my agenda/planner for example. In this…
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