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Law School Vlog #31 + New Blog Layout

New week, new me? This Monday I've realized that we are almost halfway through 2017. How crazy is that, honestly? I feel like 2017 has definitely been quite the year for me. Although some amazing things have happened to me this year, I still feel like I would not call this year a 'good' year. I had and still have some major challenges ahead of me and it makes me feel rather anxious - while not being a naturally anxious person at all. Anyways, one of the things that keeps me going this year is constant change (pretty paradoxical isn't it). I keep wanting to reinvent myself and find new ways to express my feelings, thoughts and mindstates. On that note, I made a rather different Law School Vlog #31 this time and also switched up my blog layout a bit. Hope you like it!
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Study With Me #5

Hey guys! Happy weekend! Although I would love to have a chill and relaxing weekend, unfortunately I have a lot to do. Today I'm actually attending the Dutch Youtube Gathering (oh hi 6 hours of travelling again, love it) and I have to work on one of my 2 deadlines I have next week. If you're planning on having a productive weekend as well filled with working or studying, you have to watch this newest Study With Me #5 video. In this video I'm real time studying for 30 minutes. If you feel unmotivated, try out one of these vids and we can study together like real study buddies, haha!
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LAW SCHOOL VLOG #30 | Last Lectures & Life Changing Moments

Good morning guys! It’s time for a quick blog update. I had kind of a bad day yesterday (read: editing a video the whole day and then getting fucked over by my editing software so I couldn't upload it), and today isn't going to be much better (read: I have a deadline tonight for my take-home exam for Social Philosophy: Language and Power and I still have to do so much for it). I've been super busy lately, especially when it comes to my Youtube and blog life. I wanted to show you what was happening in my life, so that's why in Law School Vlog #30 I added a snippet of my hectic previous week + a good ol' vlawg. Hope you enjoy!
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Study With Me #4

Hey guys, how are you doing on this lovely Wednesday? To be honest, I've been soooo busy lately. I think my life has never been so hectic as it has been now. I've been travelling loads from Groningen to Amsterdam and back, so real good study time has been quite rare for me... Luckily I found time to study and also film a new Study With Me #4 episode as well! In this video I'm studying for half an hour real time, without a break. This way you can study together with me as well and we can be study buddies. Hope you enjoy!
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5 Tips For Achieving Your Goals

HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. Everyone has a certain picture of how they want their life to look like. For example, you want to change the world, move to a different country or become the best in your profession. However, most people are scared to actually chase after their goals, because their dreams are too big, too scary or too hard. 'I'm not good enough. My dreams are unrealistic. I'm never going to succeed.' These are thoughts we all think from time to time, but they are not true. I firmly believe that you, yes, you reading this, are good enough to achieve anything you want. The only thing that you need to do is to discard your fear of failing. If you want to know how I do it, check out my newest video about 5 Tips For Achieving Your Goals down below.
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