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5 Tips For Achieving Your Goals

HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. Everyone has a certain picture of how they want their life to look like. For example, you want to change the world, move to a different country or become the best in your profession. However, most people are scared to actually chase after their goals, because their dreams are too big, too scary or too hard. 'I'm not good enough. My dreams are unrealistic. I'm never going to succeed.' These are thoughts we all think from time to time, but they are not true. I firmly believe that you, yes, you reading this, are good enough to achieve anything you want. The only thing that you need to do is to discard your fear of failing. If you want to know how I do it, check out my newest video about 5 Tips For Achieving Your Goals down below.
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LAW SCHOOL VLOG #29 | Philosophy Essays & The Silver Playbutton

Hey guys! It's time for a new Law School Vlog episode, woohoo! I've been on a roll with vlogging lately, which I'm very happy about. I've been out of it for quite some time. I know you all love my vlawgs, so I'm glad I could upload another one! Anyways, this vlog is actually really special: I finally received my Silver Playbutton! If you don't know what it is, it's a token of appreciation from Youtube whenever you hit the 100.000 subscribers. I hit the 100k previous year in December, but it took quite some time before they personalized mine. It's mine though! It honestly makes me feel like I've accomplished something, which feels great af, haha. So yeah, if you want to see what I've been up to lately (lots of philosophy essays and studying at the library...), check out my newest vlog!
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My Weekend Morning Routine for Law School/University

There is something magical about those lazy weekend mornings right? I always feel so at peace and worry-free whenever I'm waking up on Saturday morning, thinking about the fact that I don't have classes or any errands to run that day. It's that feeling you get during the Summer vacay - I love that. After a couple of minutes however, I start to realize that that's actually not the case at all and I actually have tons to do. Oh well! I do like to have a relatively 'chilled' weekend morning routine while still trying to be productive. If you wanna know what and how I do that, check out my newest video down below!
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Study With Me #3

Happy Saturday guys! I hope you're all doing well! Today it's time for a new Study with Me video. I'm going to post them every other Friday as extra video, so I hope you enjoy! If you don't know what it is: in a study with me video I'm studying for half an hour real time, without a break. This way you can study together with me as well! I know they are not everybody’s 'thing', but don’t worry. I will only upload them as an extra video and will continue with my other, normal uploads on Wednesday and Sunday!
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DIY Pinterest Desk Decor & Organization Tips + Giveaway

An organized and pretty desk space is a must for having a productive day. I work from home on a daily basis (not only when I'm studying for my Law and Philosophy classes, but also when it comes to my Youtube channel, Blog and other Social Media), so I like my desk to be neat and inspiring. However, after a while I get tired of staring at the same decorations all the time, so I decided to get creative and re-vamp my desk area. I came up with 4 different DIY Pinterest Desk Decor & Organization Tips and I'm going to share them with you today. They're super easy and match my go-to aesthetics perfectly: minimal, marble & rose gold! The best part is, I'm actually doing a giveaway, so you can recreate one of the DIY ideas as well!
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