Gentle Monster Mad Crush Designer Sunglasses

Gentle Monster Mad Crush Designer Sunglasses

I used to be one of those people that did not really care about sunglasses. I don't know why, but I just never felt like they were worth spending a pretty penny on. However, everything changed when I discovered the glasses brand Gentle Monster. This Korean brand has the best sunglasses designs ever in my opinion. It's definitely an underground designer brand, but they are slowly taking over with their gorgeous sunnies. Today I'm going to share with you my most recent purchase from this brand, which are the Gentle Monster Mad Crush sunglasses.

Gentle Monster Mad Crush Designer Sunglasses

Gentle Monster Mad Crush Designer Sunglasses


Sometimes you have to treat yourself. And that's exactly what I did when I bought a new pair of Gentle Monster sunnies.


Gentle Monster Mad Crush Designer Sunglasses


Gentle Monster is more than just a sunglasses brand with pretty designs. What drew me to Gentle Monster was the fact that this brand dared to be different. A brand that sells beautiful sunglasses, yet has a dark twist to their brand's philosophy: this paradox resonated to me on another level and made me fall in love with their creations even more.

For example, Gentle Monster just opened a new store in Shanghai, based around the theme of "Frogism". This word combines the term Frog and Sadism. It's based around George Orwell's Animal Farm, which is for sure one of my must read books. In Animal Farm, Orwell says: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Gentle Monster took this quote as inspiration for their theme of Frogism. They used the mischievous act of observing and touching a frog during our childhood as a representation of the sadistic psychology lurking in the human mind. They used this as their inspiration for the Shanghai's space design. The vivid color, and unexpected interaction of the frog is expressed throughout the inside into unique and abstract installations.

I think it's true art to create a design with such a process of thought as your inspiration. Being quite the dark, pessimistic and philosophical mind myself, I can truly appreciate when a brand channels a negative message and turns it into something beautiful. I know this message may not be for everyone, but I adore a brand that is not scared of making a controversial statement. Gentle Monster is definitely one of those brands.

Gentle Monster Mad Crush Designer Sunglasses


The Gentle Monster Mad Crush Designer Sunglasses are the third pair of Gentle Monster sunies I've added to my collection. My first pair was a tortoise shell cat eye shaped pair called Joli Lady (click here). My second pair from Gentle Monster was a dark tan brown oversized model called Black Sheep (click here). These two pairs are both very different from each other, and I wanted my third pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses to be that as well.

The Gentle Monster Mad Crush is my first pair of black sunglasses. Although black sunnies are essential in anyone's wardrobe, for some weird reason I did not own any. Mad Crush has a black acetate front with metal bridge, gold metal temples with acetate tip and flat gold mirrored lenses. I honestly love the combination of the black sunnies with the gold hardware - I think it looks very chic and beautiful. What I love about these sunnies is the fact that they have rounded edges, but are not too round. This makes them versatile enough to wear with any type of outfit, while still being an eye catcher!

All Gentle Monster sunnies always come with a beautiful, black leather pouch. I am definitely a person that is very careful with her items, and I hate it when I damage or scratch my belongings. That's why I always carry my sunnies in the matching sunglasses case in my bag. This way I always know where my sunglasses are and I am sure they won't get scratched by anything in my bag!

Gentle Monster Mad Crush Designer Sunglasses


Even though I am more of a cat eye shaped kind of girl, I was presently surprised by the fit of these Gentle Monster Mad Crush sunglasses. I feel like the slightly rounded shape looks good with my oval shaped face. I also love the fact that the glasses are dark enough to hide my eyes completely, because I really enjoy that mysterious and sultry look. I love pairing this pair of sunnies with all black outfits, or with outfits that are a bit more boho.

So yeah, I would definitely highly recommend Gentle Monster sunglasses and I am so glad I bought my third pair in Paris (I know it's already a while back, haha). I cannot wait to visit the flagship store in NYC and possibly adding another pair to my collection!

The Gentle Monster Mad Crush designer sunglasses in the color 01 retail for $260. You can find more info about them here and you can find them in a different shade here.

Gentle Monster Mad Crush Designer Sunglasses


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