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Get ready, ’cause I have new Dubai related post for you! This time, I’m going to talk about all the things that I bought in Dubai. If I’m totally honest, I expected that I would buy more there, because everybody told me that it was amazing to shop in all the big malls in Dubai. But I kinda got overwhelmed by all the shops, so that’s why I didn’t bought that much. I’m very happy with the things I got though!


This was the first thing that I bought during my Dubai trip. It’s a laptop sleeve/bag from Victoria’s Secret. I had a pink sleeve for my MacBook Air, but it didn’t fit in my schoolbag, because my lawbooks are so huge. So I had to carry it in my hands, but it wasn’t very practical, because it didn’t had any handles. I didn’t want a real laptopbag, because I didn’t want to carry 2 bags to school. But this one is perfect, because it’s still a laptopsleeve, but it has handles to hold it as a bag! I also love the print, because it matches perfectly with my make-up bag and my travel/weekendbag!


As you know, one of my faves at the moment is the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser. My mini travelsized cleanser was almost empty, so I wanted to buy the fullsized one, because I love it so much! I bought it at the Sephora in the Dubai Mall. I wanted to buy the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Kit as well, but it was sold out. I still really want to try it though, despite the fact it’s so fucking expensive, because I heard amazing things about it. And my skin really needs something amazing at the moment, haha.


I only discovered this when it was already too late to change it. So in Dubai I took some photos of all the things that I bought there. But I also bought something at the airport, so I needed to make new photos at home of all my new buys. So I made the new photos, but I realized now that I forgot to take a photo of my new yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret. So now I don’t have a complete photo of all the things that I bought. Okay, I know, not a real big deal, haha. By the way, if you want to see my yoga pants on, I posted some pictures here.

The 3 shirts that you see in the pic are all from Forever 21. I really like them all. The black tanktop says ‘Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love’ – Albert Einstein. I love the quote and the fact that the letters are rose gold. The rose gold pen-thingy is the Brilliant Plump Lipgloss from Victoria’s Secret that I bought on sale. It has a very pretty natural colour and it has a minty feeling on your lips. I also bought a big bottle of my favourite body fragrance, Victoria’s Secret Angel.


The last thing that I bought was this MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush. One of the things that I find very difficult to do by myself is creating a good contour. It’s not that I don’t know how to do it, but it’s because I literally don’t have any cheekbones at all. All the tutorials on Youtube and shit are always about how to contour a face with prominent cheekbones (or at least a bit) or with chubby cheeks, but both don’t have them. I just have a flat face, haha. I was searching for a brush that could give me the desired contoured effect that I wanted, so I decided to buy this one. The white hairs are very soft and I love the size of the brush. I tried it a couple of times already and I really liked the way it applied my contour. If you’re wondering, the pink dot is actually nailpolish. I always put it on all my make-up brushes, so that everybody will know that they are mine, haha.

I’ve also bought a bra and 2 panties at Victoria’s Secret, but I’m not going to show them to you (too private for the internet, haha). So that’s it for today. I hope this post about the things that I got in sunny Dubai will brighten up your day a bit!

xoxo Lilia


  1. February 2, 2014 / 14:34

    Wauw, hele mooie aankopen! Ik wist trouwens helemaal niet dat je en blog had, maar wauw, hij is supermooi! Ook mooie lay-out en berichten, ik hoop dat je snel wat meer bezoekers hebt! :)

    Xx Alex

    • February 2, 2014 / 15:42

      thanks! ja heb m niet zo lang, maar vind t erg leuk om te doen! dankjewel, lief van je, hoop het ook haha! x

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