LAW SCHOOL VLOG #32 | Redecorating My Loft Apartment & My School Advice To You

LAW SCHOOL VLOG #32 | Redecorating My Loft Apartment & My School Advice To You

Hey guys, happy Monday! I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I’m happy the weekend is over and it’s a start of a new week. I had a pretty weird weekend – kind of chill yet fucking stressful at the same time. Being ill, tired and having some bad luck is just not a good combination to be honest: think of handing in your peer review paper deadline at 23.59 and re-uploading this new Law School Vlog #32 for 3 (!) times, because Youtube had some mysterious issues. The worst part was that the university library was already closed, so I had to stand outside (freaking cold) and waited 1 hour before I finally fixed everything (my internet at home is crappy). Fortunately, everything ended up being okay, so you can imagine I feel very happy about sharing this new vlog about redecorating my loft apartment & my school advice to you today!



Question: Do you even live? When you lay in your bed and you feel the world quiet down, when shut your eyes, and your consciousness slowly fades into another dimension, do you feel like you’ve lived another day to remember? Would the younger you be amazed by the way you handled your life so far, and the older you praise you for the life stories you created? Do you even think about that? Instead of reading yet another caption on Instagram from a person you don’t know and you will probably never get to know, use this time to think of your life and living. Time is human’s most precious possession, yet we let it fly by like we are eternal. The only way to stop wasting your time and start living your life is by taking a moment to think about it. Have you ever noticed how time can pass by so differently once we focus on our thoughts, instead of on our daily pace? Thoughts are not bound by the chronos of time. They are never-ending and ever-flowing. It’s the fundament of our existence. It’s inherent if you want to live.


I’ve been trying to write more recently, and I’ve shared this writing with you in this vlog. Honestly, writing is my favorite thing to do. I feel so at peace and empowered every time I am able to express myself in words. I’m glad I can share this with you through platforms like my blog, Youtube and social media. Anyways, I hope this vlog gave you some food for thought and if so, I would love to know of course. I love you guys. <3


xo Lilia





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      Dankjewel Alex xo

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      Aw thank you :) xo

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    Charming spring style!

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