My Loft Apartment Home Tour

My Loft Apartment Home Tour

A lot of you probably don't know, but despite my many travels recently, I am definitely a home person. Moving from Groningen to Washington DC was a big step for me - probably more of a huge leap of faith. It was probably the scariest thing I've ever done in my life, especially because I get home sick very badly. My loft apartment in Groningen just has a special place in my heart. Even though I love my new studio apartment in Washington DC - I do miss it. That's why I wanted to dedicate this blogpost to my loft apartment home tour in Groningen, because I've never really written anything about it on my blog. The theme of my loft apartment is white, marble & rose gold, so be prepared to see a lot of that in this blogpost, haha!

My Loft Apartment Home Tour

My Loft Apartment Home Tour

My Loft Apartment Home Tour

"I am a very busy person, with not a lot of pamper time dedicated to myself, so that's why I really enjoy my everyday beauty ritual at my make-up vanity."

My Loft Apartment Home Tour


I like to call this my morning sanctuary. I don't know about you girls, but since I have my own make-up vanity, puttin on make-up is so relaxing. Everytime when I apply my make-up in the morning, I like to reflect on my upcoming day and just take some time to unwind. I am a very busy person, with not a lot of pamper time dedicated to myself, so that's why I really enjoy my everyday beauty ritual at my make-up vanity. If you want to know how I created this make-up vanity, check out this blogpost. I also dedicated a whole post + video on my Make-Up Vanity Tour + Make-Up Collection.


My Loft Apartment Home Tour


Being a shoe hoarder, I had to dedicate a whole closet to my favorite pairs of shoes. This closet is actually a book shelf from Ikea, but it honestly doesn't look like it at all! I always clean my shoes before I put them in my closet and make sure they are always put in the same way - this makes my closet look very clean and chic. I also added a couple of my designer bags to spice it up a bit. Oh, and I am very aware of the fact that my wardrobe is that versatile - I just have a soft spot for black heels and ankle boots. I actually also did a whole Shoe Collection and Shoe Closet Tour blogpost + video, that's definitely interesting to check out if you like my shoes or considering creating a shoe closet yourself

My Loft Apartment Home Tour


I think most of you are familiar with my shoe closet and my clothing rack, but not a lot of you have actually seen my clothing wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes, but honestly I do feel like I don't have a ridiculous amount of clothing, because I sell and give away a lot of my stuff. However, I do need a wardrobe for all my clothing items, because a clothing rack alone is not enough. My wardrobe is from Wehkamp, and it's already 4 years old, so I'm not sure if you can still get it. I love the fact that it has a full length mirror on it, because this saves a lot of space in my loft apartment + is super practical!


My Loft Apartment Home Tour


I already mentioned it, but another part of my loft apartment is my clothing rack + designer bag shelf. Both the floating shelf and the clothing rack are from Ikea. My rose gold hangers are from Yisk, but you can also find them at TK Maxx or Primark. I use my clothing rack as my daily dose of fashion inspo. I'm very strict when it comes to curating it: I only keep my favorite pieces on it and I like to clean it out every week. You can say that my clothing rack is my seasonal basic capsule wardrobe. If you're thinking of building a closet full of basics yourself, check out this blogpost I did on How to Build A Capsule Wardrobe.

My Loft Apartment Home Tour


You don't want to know how often I fell asleep on this couch from Ikea. I would definitely recommend thrifting your apartment if you cannot find the perfect items you're looking for online. Although I thrifted it for only €25, it was actually one of the best purchases I've ever made. This couch may be small, but for a petite girl like me, it's perfect to lounge on or have a nice little (or not so little) powernap on it. I added a faux sheep skin from Ikea and two pillows from Zara Home to make it a lil' bit more cozy. My marble table is from Xenos, my rose gold basket is from Sissyboy and my blanket is from Zara Home as well. Lastly, my plant is called a Monstera Monstera and it was a gift from my mom.

My Loft Apartment Home Tour

My Loft Apartment Home Tour

"A clean and organized desk or office space is essential for any Miss Independent that wants to slay her life and succeed at achieving her goals. If my desk's a mess - my head's a mess."

My Loft Apartment Home Tour

My Loft Apartment Home Tour

My Loft Apartment Home Tour


This is probably the most important spot in my apartment: my desk or office area. This is the place where I get all my creative ideas and where I work my ass off on a daily basis, haha. My desk + shelfing unit is from Ikea, as well as my white chair. My rose gold lamp is from Kwantum and my clipboard from Ikea as well (the print on it is from Pinterest). If you want to see a full desk tour, check out my Desk/Office Tour blogpost + video. Honestly I miss this desk area a lot since I moved to DC, especially because I don't have my big Apple Screen with me to edit. Also, if you're wondering about my laptop: it's a 13 inch MacBook Air with a custom marble case from CaseApp. A clean and organized desk or office space is essential for any Miss Independent that wants to slay her life and succeed at achieving her goals. If my desk's a mess - my head's a mess.

My Loft Apartment Home Tour


Another spot in my loft apartment that I haven't showed you that much is my jewelry station. Before any outfit is finished, I like to browse through all my accessories to really complete my look. I keep all my jewelry on these marble plates from H&M Home and the thrift shop. My rose gold jewelry box is from H&M Home as well, and my big jewerly box is from Zara Home. Lastly, I added this cute Prada Marfa artwork from Desenio to my jewelry station, because it gave me major Gossip Girl vibes (xoxo).

My Loft Apartment Home Tour


Last, but so not least is my loft bed. I got a million questions about my loft bed, and to answer them all: this loft bed came with my apartment, so it's actually build into the wall. And no, I cannot fall off my loft bed either, it actually has transparant sides on every side. Also, I can sit straight up in my bed as well, so I don't hit my head when I get out of bed (lol I got so many of these question, haha). My bedding is from H&M Home and my artwork behind me is from Desenio.



If you want to see everything that I showed you in more detail, definitely check out my home tour video. You can definitely see my white - marble - rose gold theme coming together in this video! And if you want to see more of my content (especially my new studio apartment home tour in Washington DC), don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel here.


xo Lilia


  1. September 11, 2017 / 08:54

    Je interieur is zoooo mooi! Ik vind het super lastig om het allemaal zo netjes te houden, daarin ben ik echt een stuk minder gestructureerd dan jij.
    anna recently posted…REVIEW | KIKO WATER EYESHADOW NR. 219

    • September 22, 2017 / 15:36

      Aww dankjewel! Ja ik ben van nature erg gestructureerd, haha <3

  2. September 11, 2017 / 10:23

    Je kamer is echt prachtig! Lekker licht en met mooie rosegold accenten. Ben je hem nu aan het onderverhuren zodat je er bij thuiskomst weer in kan? Ik ben heel benieuwd naar je kamer in Washington DC.
    Liset recently posted…Mijn Beauty & Lifestyle favorieten

    • September 22, 2017 / 15:36

      Ja klopt! <3

    • September 22, 2017 / 15:37

      Thank you <3

  3. September 11, 2017 / 14:11

    I love your appartment so much! It such a clean, classy, cosy place and that inspired me so much for my own loft appartment :) I moved on few months ago and I checked your photos for inspiring me for the decoration, specially for the desk area. I got the same KALLAX from Ikea so I putted my desk like you did and gained so much place because of this hack haha! Thanks!
    Btw you’re such an inspiration for me, not only for the decoration, but in life in general. You’re such a positive person! Thanks you for sharing with us all of theses things <3
    Joyful Dreams recently posted…HAUL NÉE JOLIE

    • September 22, 2017 / 15:37

      Aww thank you so much babe, means a lot <3

  4. Aley
    September 11, 2017 / 16:42

    I love your loft so much!!
    I studied abroad for a semester in high school and I definitely understand the struggles of being home sick. It’s so hard to change environments but I’m so happy for your experiences in DC and I feel like studying abroad changes people so much and helps them learn about themselves! Studying abroad helped my fully realize my career goals and how much I appreciate home, but it also helped me grow so much as a person.

    • September 22, 2017 / 15:37

      I agree, thank you for your kind message! <3

  5. September 11, 2017 / 19:34

    Love it!. This was the first video I ever watched from your channel. Subscribed immediately xx
    Ndazipa recently posted…Why it’s ok to let go

  6. September 13, 2017 / 01:01

    It is a gorgeous loft with so many memories attached – I can only dream for a place like this!

    • September 22, 2017 / 15:38

      Thanks so much! xo

  7. September 14, 2017 / 10:28

    By far een van de mooiste appartementen die ik ooit heb gezien <3 De combi van marble en rose is zo ontzettend mooi! Ik snap wel dat je homesick bent, maar aan de andere kant: je studeert in Washington, dat doet niemand je even na. You go girl!

    • September 22, 2017 / 15:39

      Klopt, je hebt helemaal gelijk! xo

  8. Catarina Macieira
    March 12, 2018 / 21:19

    Hey, I would like to know what the name of your building is! Love your room btw!

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