Yesterday I uploaded the 1st part of my journey in Dubai, and today is going to be the 2nd part (I recommend that you read the 1st part before you start with this one, I know, kinda obvious haha). So grab something to drink and let’s get started, because this is going to be, again, a long post! I’m ready whenever you are, so leggo!

Day 4, the 24th of January 2014
This was the first day that I woke up a bit earlier than the previous days. And that was a good thing, because we had a busy schedule today! After our breakfast (this time there were delicious mango yoghurt smoothies, that I couldn’t resist, I had like 3 of them, haha) we went straight to the beach again. At the beach I finished the book that I was reading. It’s the 9th episode of the series “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” (haha do you see where I got my inspiration from for one of my blogseries?) by Lemony Snicket. It’s a book for children, but I don’t mind. I think it’s a great series, and I love the funny, ironic and also sad way the book is written. They’re by far my favourite books, and I think everybody should read them. You don’t have the feeling you’re reading a book for children. They’re also not your typical children’s books. If you like stories with an unfortunate end, you should read this, haha (I don’t like happy ending stories). There are 13 books, so unfortunately I’ve almost read everything :(.

After chilling at the beach we went to Burj Al Arab (that’s the famous hotel in Dubai, the one everybody associates with Dubai) to have a high tea. Everything was very expensive and shit, but if I’m totally honest, it wasn’t that amazing. But I really loved the glasses they served my moccachino in haha!

The interior was very uncommon, colourful and cool, but it wasn’t that beautiful I think. I only really liked the fountains and the aquaria. But it is really interesting to see, so I recommend visiting Burj Al Arab if you have the chance!

In the evening we went to the Dubai Mall. I didn’t buy a lot there, only one thing that I ran out of. My mom on the other hand, bit the bullet and bought a real Dior handbag! It was very beautiful, but not my style. But it’s suits my mom very well, so I understand why she bought it. But still, soooo much money for a bag, dayuum, haha. I also brought my figure skates (yes I’m crazy, I packed figure skates to my holiday in Dubai), because there is a ice skating rink in the Dubai Mall! It was very cool to ice skate there, but the ice was terrible: the cleaning machine didn’t know how to properly clean the ice, so there were a lot of bumps in the ice. But still, it’s very cool to say that I figure skated in Dubai I think! I didn’t make any pictures though, because it was very busy, so the photos wouldn’t come out right.

I also took some pictures of the beautiful aquarium that they had in the Dubai Mall. They had all kinds of different fish swimming in there, and also fucking large sharks, haha. It looked very cool though. And that were all the interesting parts of this day I think!

Day 5, the 25th of January 2014
This day was kinda boring. We were almost too late for the breakfast (again), but luckily we still could grab some food. Then we chilled the whole day at the beach. It was a very hot day today and I did get a bit more tanned (yay!), but not that much though. Unfortunately I don’t tan easily. We had lunch at the beach. I finished reading the 9th episode of “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” and I started reading the 10th.

In the evening we went to the Dubai Mall again. People in Dubai love their fountains, haha! I really liked the fact that they were constantly changing their colour and size. We had dinner with some of my mom’s friends. I didn’t know them, so it was kinda boring for me.

After our dinner we got a couple of chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva. They were fucking expensive, but it was something I always wanted to try. They were very tasty, but definitely overpriced. But yolo right? When we arrived at our hotel it was already very late, but I still had to write some blogposts. I went to bed around 3 o’ clock, so late, I know… Yeah, that’s it for this day, as I said at the beginning, not very interesting to read.

Day 6, the 26th of January 2014 

Okay, part 2 of Nappy Takes Dubai is going to be a bit more boring than the first part haha, because today I didn’t do a lot, again. My mom and I were just so tired all the time, so we thought it would be nice to have a chill day. We wanted to see a lot of things while still being in Dubai though, but we decided it was more important to just relax. We both had a very busy period the last couple of weeks, so it was nice to hang around and do nothing. I almost finished the 10th part of “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” (I read kinda fast, haha!) and I took some photos of the beautiful area.

Isn’t this beach stunning? I love the Burj Al Arab as my background… I’m wearing a tee from Brandy Melville by the way. The bikini is from H&M.

 So when I was walking to our room through the park, I found a little reservoir where wharf seaturtles were rehabilitated. I’m obsessed with turtles, so I sat there for 30 minutes, just staring at those stunning creatures. Sometimes they came up and you could see their big eyes looking at you, so cute! Haha this probably sounds very lame for most people, but I think turtles are the cutest things ever. They also had pretty fish swimming in the reservoir.

In the evening we went to a restaurant called Pierchic, because everybody said to us that it was amazing. It was a seafood restaurant, and it was located on the pier (you can see it in the picture, it looks a bit scary haha). The food was nice (I had baked cod fish), but it wasn’t that amazing. The dessert was very tasty though. It was a variety of different chocolat-y things, and if you know me, you know I like that. I love my choco, haha.

This is what our hotel and the park looked like at night. Beautiful huh?
Day 7, the 27th of January 2014 
This was our last day in Dubai. Our flight was around 4 o’ clock, so we only had a morning left to enjoy our stay in Dubai. Of course, we woke up late again haha, so we grabbed a quick breakfast and unfortunately after that it was already time to leave our hotel and go to the airport. At the airport I did some last shopping at the MAC counter. During the flight I watched some episodes of Breaking Bad and worked on my blog. When we arrived at Schiphol, my boyfriend was there to meet me, so sweet! And that was my last day in Dubai!

I really enjoyed my stay in Dubai. Everything was very clean and all the people who worked at our hotel or at the malls were very friendly (most of them weren’t Arabic though, usually they were from the Philippines, Sri Lanka or Pakistan). I also think Dubai is a very safe country to travel to, because they have a very low crime rate. When I first arrived at Dubai, I needed to get used to seeing a lot of people dress in traditional Arabic clothing, such as burkas. I don’t mean this in a rascist way or something like that, I’m very open-minded and think people should be free to do what they want. I just come from a very small village and I’ve never seen someone wear a burka, let alone hundred people wearing a burka at the same time. A funny fact was that although a lot of women wore burkas, they tried to make themself stand out by wearing expensive bags. Almost every woman that had a burka wore a Chanel or Dior bag. With or without burka, every woman wants to stand out and be different :). If you have the chance to go to Dubai, I definitely recommend it. It’s the perfect country to see the mixture between Arabic and Western culture and to enjoy great weather!

xoxo Lilia

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