HOW TO | The Perfect Make-Up Vanity

HOW TO | The Perfect Make-Up VanityHello there!

In this Nappy’z Guide (to) I’m going to show you how you can create your a make-up vanity. I recently finished my own make-up vanity and it turned out great. I thought it would be nice to share my tips and tricks with you for creating your own perfect make-up vanity. For me it was really a dream come true, because I always wanted to have a pretty dressing table and now I have one! I think it looks so nice in my room and that’s why I wanted to make this Nappy’z Guide (to) for you guys, so I can show you everything that you will need! So yeah, if you wanna know more about this, keep reading!


HOW TO | The Perfect Make-Up Vanity


The most important thing for creating your own make-up vanity is a pretty dressing table. You should definitely pick one that goes with the vibe of your room. I have a very clean and minimalistic room, so that’s why I wanted to go for a really simple make-up vanity from Ikea. You can find it here by the way. I love the fact that it’s easy to clean because of the glass and that it has a very big drawer where I can put all my make-up. If you’re more into girly make-up vanities, check out this one.


HOW TO | The Perfect Make-Up Vanity


Next up are lamps. If you really want that oldskool Hollywood glam, you definitely need to find the famous light bulb lamps if you know what I mean. Not gonna lie, even though my two lamps are also from Ikea, they were pretty expensive (especially because you need to buy 10 lamps as well!). They’re worth it though: I always have the perfect lighting to put on make-up from now on and they complete my make-up vanity. I feel like a make-up vanity isn’t a real make-up vanity without these lamps. I bought them here.


HOW TO | The Perfect Make-Up Vanity


What is a make-up vanity without a big, nice mirror right? Nothing, I tell you that! Make sure that the mirror you choose to hang above your table has the same kind of proportions. My dressing table is 120 cm, so I went with a mirror that is 60×60 cm. I got it also from Ikea and you can still find it here. I also recommend putting a smaller mirror on your vanity. A smaller mirror is perfect for doing your eyebrows or applying mascara or any other time you need a good close-up of yourself. I got mine here and it’s also from Ikea, but Zara Home also has a very pretty one that you can find here. Another tip is to hang your mirror closely to the table. This way it looks more like ‘one’ piece, instead of a regular table with a mirror. Same counts for the lamps, I recommend hanging them closely to the mirror for creating the effect of a real, united make-up vanity.


HOW TO | The Perfect Make-Up Vanity


Okay, now you have your dressing table, lamps and mirror, so your make-up vanity is almost finished. A really important thing that you still need to do is organizing your make-up. I recommend using plastic, transparant make-up holders and dividers, because they’re easy to clean (and trust me, make-up gets messy) and make finding that particular blush also really easy. I use some make-up dividers in the drawer of my dressing table and I also use 3 other make-up holders on my dressing table for my lipsticks, other lipproducts and my everyday make-up. I got the dividers here from Ikea and the other make-up holders are from Ebay (just search for ‘plastic lipstick holder’ and you’ll find it). I recommend buying a different sizes of make-up dividers, because this way you can definitely organize all the of your make-up and not worry about if your Naked palettes will fit or not.


HOW TO | The Perfect Make-Up VanityOrganizing your brushes is something you cannot forget about as well. I like to keep my brushes standing up, because they’re very easy to grab whenever I’m doing my make-up and I’m in a hurry (which is like, everyday). I use these candle holders from Ikea (damn, a lot from Ikea) and I added some rice, so my brushes would stand up straight.


HOW TO | The Perfect Make-Up Vanity
Also, I recommend using a couple of jars for items like q-tips and cotton pads. I always like to have some q-tips whenever I’m doing my make-up. This way you can always grab your cottonbuds, without worrying where they are. And those little jars look hella pretty if you ask me! The marble jar is from H&M Home and the baroque inspired jar is from Zara Home, but they’re both sold out at the moment.


HOW TO | The Perfect Make-Up Vanity


Last, but definitely not least is a stool or anything else you want to sit on. One of my favourite parts of having a make-up vanity is that you don’t have to do your make-up while standing. I know, I’m a lazy fuck, haha! I got a really simple stool from Ikea, but I added this fluffy cushion to make it a bit more cute and comfy to sit on.

So yeah, that’s it for today’s blogpost. I hope you found it helpful and I gave you some useful tips and tricks! I added a lot of links, so it would be easier for you to find all the necessary things. Also, after you finished with all these ‘basics’ you can definitely add some extra candles, perfumes and/or nailpolishes to your make-up vanity. I added one of my favourite perfumes, two little trays and a small lamp to my make-up vanity. But it’s all up to you!

At the moment I’m travelling to Den Bosch, because I have an blogger event there, really cool! I’m pretty excited about it and I’ll definitely let you know more about it in the near future! I don’t have a lot of other interesting stuff to tell you, so I guess it’s time to say goodbye. I hope you all have a fucking amazing day and I will talk to you later babes!

xo Lilia


  1. January 28, 2015 / 09:40

    Heel mooi! ik heb gister een kaptafel gekocht en de Alex kast van Ikea. Ga vandaag alles in elkaar zetten
    Farah recently posted…Zag Bijoux Kettinkjes

    • January 28, 2015 / 20:03

      Dankjewel, misschien later ooit! xo

  2. January 28, 2015 / 10:18

    het ziet er bij jou echt zo perfect uit, prachtige foto’s dus. Wauw!
    alexa recently posted…Nieuwe baan!

  3. January 28, 2015 / 16:19

    Loving the lights around the vanity! Oh so vintage :) Love it!

    • January 28, 2015 / 21:38

      Dankjewel, ik vind het ook heel fijn om me daar op te maken! xo

  4. January 28, 2015 / 21:34

    This vanity table is really you. Remember your post about it and still looks incredible! I can’t even imagine putting on make-up standing, must have a steadiness.
    Jasmine recently posted…New Year’s Eve Makeup, Hair, Outfit

    • January 28, 2015 / 21:38

      Aww, thankyou! Yeah, most of my live I’ve put on make-up while standing and leaning on my sink, lol! xo

  5. March 1, 2015 / 18:32

    He girl, ik herinnerde me dat jij ooit iets had gepost over een make-up vanity en deze post heeft me echt vet geïnspireerd. Ik ben vandaag met m’n ouders naar IKEA geweest en heb het dressoir, de spiegel en de lichtsystemen gekregen, alvast als birthday present. Ben nu al super enthousiast om alles op te bouwen! Ik was al heel lang op zoek naar de perfecte combinatie dus dankjewel voor deze post! Tot maandag? ;) x

    • March 4, 2015 / 15:03

      Aah zo leuk om te horen! Ik heb nu al een tijdje en ik geniet er echt elke dag nog van als ik me opmaak :) xo

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