It’s monday, a.k.a. Nappy’z Weekly Vision time! This week, you will see a lot of food and make-up brushes, so I hope you’ll find that interesting! My vacation is officially over, and I just had my first lessons again. My new subjects are Civil Law 1 and Administrative Law 1. I like civil law, but I think administrative law is very boring and difficult. It’s similar to constitutional law, which I also didn’t like at first. But after I had a 10/10 for my exam, I liked it a bit more, haha. So I hope that the same will happen to administrative law.

I love smoothies! I almost never make smoothies, but I got inspired by my trip to Dubai. They had delicious mango yoghurt and blueberry yoghurt smoothies there, so I wanted to start making smoothies myself when I came back. And I did! The left one contains banana, blueberry, raspberry, almond milk and a bit of water. The right one (my fave) contains banana, kiwi, blueberry, raspberry, broccoli, chiaseeds, hazelnut milk and water. It sounds like a lot haha, but it was very tasty. You also couldn’t taste the broccoli, which I liked (don’t take me wrong, I love the taste of broccoli, just not in a smoothie). I also really like these white glasses, they’re from Hema and I love using them for milkshakes, hot coco or smoothies!
Okay, of course you’ll understand that I need to compensate drinking healthy smoothies with something like this. Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream. My favourite flavours from B&J were always Cookie Dough or Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I especially love the cookie dough, chocolate and brownie pieces. My boyfriend and I were always joking why B&J wouldn’t make an ice cream with cookie dough and brownie. But then we saw this?! OMG, have I been living under a rock or something? ‘Cause this is a big deal, this ice cream is mindblowingly perfect, haha! It was fucking delicious, and as I’m typing this I want one again, haha… This is my new favourite flavour, by far!
My previous post was about all the stuff I bought in Dubai. If you haven’t read it yet, click here. I love all the things that I bought, and I think I’m going to use everything loads!
I also bought this MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush. I really like it, it’s definitely worth the price! First, I wanted to go with a smaller contour brush, but I the girl working there said that this one was better for me. I was sceptical, because I wanted a more heavy contour, without looking fake. I decided to buy this one, because I could also use it for blush if I didn’t like the way it contoured. But I was glad I went with this one, ’cause it works great for contouring!
This week my bestie came over, the first time she visited me in Groningen! She really liked my room and in the evening we went to some clubs in the city center. We had a great time! I was very tired the next day though, because I slept for 4 hours haha. But it was worth it!

I hate washing my brushes… I almost never wash them (I know, it’s not hygienic and very bad), because it’s such a hassle. It takes me like 45 minutes to wash them with shampoo and condition them with conditioner (I like it when the hairs are soft). But when I was done I was very proud of myself haha. I need to do it more often though!
You know I need my Starbucks when I’m sitting in the train! I’ve tried the Latte Macchiato with Hazelnut for the first time, and I really liked it! It tastes similar to the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate, which is my favourite drink at Starbucks.
I wanted to mention a lil’ thing to you guys. As you I already told you, my 3 weeks of freedom are over, and my school started today. This means that I don’t have as much time to make blogposts as before. I’ve also gotten used to taking great quality pics with my Canon camera and not use my iPhone camera as much. So this means that making a blogpost will take longer, but the endresult will be better. Quality over quantity right? So I hope you’ll understand that I can’t promise to post 6 times a week, every week. Of course, I’m gonna try, but school is very important to me, but I know you’ll understand! Well that’s it for this week, see ya next week with a new episode of Nappy’z Weekly Vision!
xoxo Lilia

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