Hi there! Today I have a not so typical blogpost for you, ’cause I got nominated for the Liebster Award! Haha, I know it’s not a big deal, but I think it’s very sweet that Poezenmeisje nominated me. So thank you! You’re probably already familiar with the Liebster Award, but in case you missed it: it’s an award that is…
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Supplied by Lily Luxury Student Stationery


Hello! It’s monday, a.k.a. Nappy’z Weekly Vision time! This week, you will see a lot of food and make-up brushes, so I hope you’ll find that interesting! My vacation is officially over, and I just had my first lessons again. My new subjects are Civil Law 1 and Administrative Law 1. I like civil law, but I think administrative law…
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Hi there! Get ready, 'cause I have new Dubai related post for you! This time, I'm going to talk about all the things that I bought in Dubai. If I'm totally honest, I expected that I would buy more there, because everybody told me that it was amazing to shop in all the big malls in Dubai. But I kinda got overwhelmed by all the shops, so that's why I didn't bought that much. I'm very happy with the things I got though!
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Hey you! I really enjoy reading monthly favourites articles on other blogs. I think it’s very interesting to see what kind of products people have been loving for the past month. I usually don’t like to read a very long review about a product, but reading a monthly favourites post is the perfect way to discover great products without having…
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Hey! Yesterday I uploaded the 1st part of my journey in Dubai, and today is going to be the 2nd part (I recommend that you read the 1st part before you start with this one, I know, kinda obvious haha). So grab something to drink and let’s get started, because this is going to be, again, a long post! I’m…
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