Hey guys, In this post I’m going to show you all the things I carry with me on a daily basis. I travel a lot, so I always have my essentials with me. You can say that I’m a perfect example of someone who always brings to much stuff, but on the other hand always has everything you need. I…
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Hello there, It’s time for another episode of Instamoments! I don’t have that many pictures this week either, because, as I already had mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t had a very interesting weekend, so I couldn’t make a lot of interesting pictures either. Yeah, that’s the hard knock life of a law student, haha… Well let’s go to…
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Hi guys! I had a very boring weekend. The only thing I could do was homework, homework and even more homework. And I’m not even done with half of it. Yeah I know, my life really sucks at the moment. Luckily I had some time (well actually not, but I wanted to do it anyway) to take some photos. I…
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Hey you, Yesterday I had a die hard shoppingday with one of my friends. We decided to go to the Primark in Almere, but we wanted to be there very early, so we took the train around 7.45 o' clock! I know, we're crazy, what a girl wouldn't do for shopping hehe. But if I'm totally honest, the Primark didn't meet my expectations. I've only been to the Primark 2 times, and the first time was years ago, and I remember not being that satisfied either. I had very high expectations this time, because I saw a lot of cute and especially fluffy stuff on the internet from there. But when we arrived at the Primark, almost all the things I wanted were sold out. So that was kind of a bummer and I don't think I will ever do this again, I just don't think it's worth it. The nice stuff just gets sold out so fast, the chances of you getting what you came for are very low. I wished that I lived near a Primark, so you can check the store frequently without travelling so far. But on the other hand, I live nearby the Primark in Zaandam, and I've never been there... So I think it's not my store or something. Wow, I just wrote a whole paragraph about the Primark... But after that we went to the Bershka. Unfortunately we only had 20 minutes left cause our train was leaving.
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Hey there, Wednesday is the least stressful day of the week for me. I was so tired yesterday, so I decided to don’t worry about my school stuff, and just chill. Well, actually I cleaned my room and did some homework, but it wasn’t that bad. I kinda enjoy cleaning as well, I just really like being in a neat,…
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