Hey you, I was thinking about what I should post on this blog when I don't have an ootd ready (I often don't have the time to pick out a swag outfit, haha, and I just grab the first thing that I see hanging in my closet, so yeah I definitely don't wear well thought of outfits everyday). So for days like these I'm just going to write about things that happend to me that day and I hopefully have some cute pics for you to look at, because yeah, that's the main thing I like blogs for anyway. Of course I will write some random blogposts also, but usually it will be an ootd or something like this.
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Hello you, This time I don't have an ootd for you, sorry! I wasn't really satisfied about the things I wore yesterday, cause I didn't had enough time in the morning to pick something fashion-y (haha), and I the afternoon I chilled with a friend of my, I hadn't see for a long time. We did a little bit of shopping (I bought some knuckle rings from H&M, I will show them to you in my weekly Instamoments post) and drank hot coco at Coffee United, which was kinda sentimental for me, cause when I was in highschool, I always did that with one of my best friends, who nowadays lives like 3 hours by train from me... But it was very nice to chitchat with her, and I enjoyed not thinking about school for a change!
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Hello there, It's time for another ootd today. I had a kind of a bad day yesterday, my figure skating training went super crappy, cause I was tired of sleeping around 2 o' clock in the morning and not eating that well... The last couple of weeks I get exhausted so easily, I think it's because of all stress at school, late sleeping and not eating enough cause I really don't have the time. I know that I need to change it, I just don't know how... Maybe I want too much at the same time? Well enough of this bullshit for now. The outfit I wore yesterday was inspired by a pic I saw on Tumblr:
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Hey you, It's time for a ootd again. I actually wore this yesterday, so it's not really a ootd, but shh don't tell! Yesterday I had a very busy day. I had class till 1 and when I arrived at home I needed to do like a gianormous amount of homework, I'm not kidding. And today it's the same, because of the not so amazing university schedule I have. And yeah I was always the person who didn't do their homework like ever at highschool, but everything changed when I started studying law at uni. I don't know, I just want to be a kick ass laywer, like Harvey in Suits (love that show, can't wait till the new season starts again!). So every time I stuDYING I'm telling myself that to keep me motivated haha. Ooh and if all the homework isn't enough already, I also have figure skating practice today... Okay sorry for the complaining and rambling haha, here's the outfit:
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Hey you, Because this blog is not only a typical fashionblog, but a little bit more personal, I decided to post all the pictures I posted on my Instagram also here. I want to drop my Instagram pictures here weekly, so that you know what I've been upto the past week (and you hopefully enjoy reading about it). My Instagram pictures are usually things that inspire me or that I like looking at. Well leggo:
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