Hello! It’s time for a ootd again! I’m so happy that it’s wednesday, cause it is the last really busy day of my week. So now I have time to chill, finally! Of course, I still need to do a lot of homework, but it’s not that stressful as at the beginning of the week. In some way it’s also…
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Hey you, I originally planned to post my Instamoments posts on monday, but because I already posted my ootd yesterday, I decided to do it today. Oh and it's called Instamoments but I actually also post things from my Tumblr or just random photos I never uploaded. But it's mainly Instagram pics, so that's the reason I've chosen this name. Well leggo!
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Hello there! So when I started this blog, my main idea was to post ootd photos I made with my iPhone during the week and to post nicer pictures in the weekend, because in the weekends I have time to shoot with my boyfriend and with a good camera. So this was the first time we did it, and I think it turned out okay! Of course there is a lot to work at, but I think it could be worse, right? The main thing I want to say is that I didn't want the photos to be totally perfect, like a lot of fashion bloggers do have. Don't take me wrong, I think their photos are beautiful and I would love taking pictures like that, but it's just not me. I like to take more 'humane' or to say it with more swag 'yolo' pictures. I think it brings more character to the pics and I think it's more interesting to look at. Because of the fact that I have a lot of pictures to show you, I will stop rambling and let you look at the eyecandy, haha!
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Hi! Oh my fucking god. J. Cole's concert yesterday was so fucking amazing! I have chills writing about it now! It was in Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall. I had to skip class, otherwise I wouldn't be on time for the concert. I study in Groningen, and it's 3 hours by train to go to my 'home-home', so I used my time wisely and studied, of course with some Starbucks (I tried the Speculaas Latte, and it was okay, but not that amazing, bummer).
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Hey you, I was thinking about what I should post on this blog when I don't have an ootd ready (I often don't have the time to pick out a swag outfit, haha, and I just grab the first thing that I see hanging in my closet, so yeah I definitely don't wear well thought of outfits everyday). So for days like these I'm just going to write about things that happend to me that day and I hopefully have some cute pics for you to look at, because yeah, that's the main thing I like blogs for anyway. Of course I will write some random blogposts also, but usually it will be an ootd or something like this.
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