My Groningen City Hotspot Guide

As most of you guys now, my home town is Groningen City. I've lived there for 4 years, and definitely had a great time there. Before I left to start my new chapter in Washington DC, I did want to share my favorite hotspots in Groningen with you. The city of Groningen is one of the reasons why I decided to study at the University of Groningen - it has such a special atmosphere! That's why I created this Groningen City Hotspot Guide, with all my must visits in my city. I know Amsterdam is definitely more popular choice to visit in the Netherlands, but Groningen is a great city to see as well. If you've considered visited Groningen, keep reading (and if not, I hope I can convince you)!
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My Fall Fashion Guide For 2017

Now that the Fall season is here, it's time to update your wardrobe with big knits and warm jackets. However, where do you start? It's always a struggle to find pieces that are trendy, but also classic enough to last in your wardrobe for multiple years - you don't want to be breaking your bank for an item you're only gonna wear a couple of times. If you want to shop smart, I got you: In my annual Fall Fashion Guide I am going to show you 5 of my musthave trends and 5 essential basics for Fall that will give your wardrobe that necessary update. This blogpost also includes a shopping checklist you can take with you whenever your shopping. Just open this blogpost on your phone and you have your own personal shopper with you!
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Studio Apartment Home Tour

I know many of you have been waiting for this moment: My home tour of my new studio apartment in Washington DC. I love home decor and interior design, so it was definitely a pleasure to be able to style a new place. It was also so much fun to be able to shop at American based shops instead of European ones: there's so much more marble and rose gold items here! If you're interested in seeing a peek of my apartment here in the US, then definitely keep reading!
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My New Self-Portrait Dress for Fall

Say goodbye to your little black dress: the little red dress is going to be your new best friend. Red has been the hottest color this Summer (especially paired with millennial pink), but now that it's Fall, red is still going nowhere. I usually don't wear a lot of color, because I feel more confident in neutrals, and I don't…
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It’s My Birthday.

Dear Diary. It's my birthday today. And in celebration of that, I like to write this personal note on my previous year as a 22-year old. I feel like it is an unwritten to tell you that a lot has happened during this year. 22 was definitely a turbulent year for me. Starting with a break-up on my 22nd birthday, and ending it with me moving to a different continent to pursue the American Dream: You can safely say I've experienced a lot this past year. I had to fill quite some diaries to be able to process these events.
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