PERSONAL | The Start of A New Chapter.

The start of a new chapter: don't we all love a fresh start? Even though it's questionable if our lives will ever become actual chapters, sometimes we just need to leave things in the past and turn over a new leave. And that's totally fine, because you are the writer of your story. Your only job is to make it a hella good one. So that's what I'm going to do: I am going to start a new chapter on Lily Like today.
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Supplied by Lily Luxury Student Stationery

5 Morning Habits of a Successful Girlboss

I am a firm believer in feminism and anything that has to do with strong, successful women. We girls should stick together, especially when it comes to achieving our dreams. That's why I am going to reveal 5 Morning Habits of a Successful Girlboss in this blogpost. Sharing is caring right? So if you have allways wondered how successful women actually became successful, this blogpost is definitely a good read for you. I am also sharing my updated morning routine with you guys, so there's also a new video to watch, woohoo!
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Primark A/W 2017 Collection

Yesterday I was invited to the press day of the Primark A/W 2017 collection at Hotel Droog in Amsterdam. I definitely have to say: I am impressed. The new Fall & Winter collection is absolutely stunning and contains some awesome pieces and lovely designer dupes. I think Primark definitely upgraded their game and I can't wait to show you my favorites of the new collection. Except a lot of cool boots, Autumnal colors and nice textures this next season!
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