Alexander Wang Small Rogue Satchel Designer Bag

If you had to choose a brand to describe yourself, which brand would you pick? This question was actually one of the things we had to think about during a Google workshop I had yesterday about personal branding. Although many people found it quite hard to pick a brand that would be a good representation of their personality, I instantly knew my answer: Alexander Wang. The only man in my life that deserves a special place in my heart (okay lol, I'm kidding). He has always been my favorite designer and designer brand. There's just something about his aesthetic, style and great quality that makes me fall in love with every piece of his collection over, and over again. It's edgy, yet feminine, has great, well-thought of designs and the collections just screams luxury to me. The same can be said about the Alexander Wang Small Rogue Satchel designer bag: the bag I will be showing and reviewing today!
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Supplied by Lily Luxury Student Stationery

PERSONAL | The Start of A New Chapter.

The start of a new chapter: don't we all love a fresh start? Even though it's questionable if our lives will ever become actual chapters, sometimes we just need to leave things in the past and turn over a new leave. And that's totally fine, because you are the writer of your story. Your only job is to make it a hella good one. So that's what I'm going to do: I am going to start a new chapter on Lily Like today.
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5 Morning Habits of a Successful Girlboss

I am a firm believer in feminism and anything that has to do with strong, successful women. We girls should stick together, especially when it comes to achieving our dreams. That's why I am going to reveal 5 Morning Habits of a Successful Girlboss in this blogpost. Sharing is caring right? So if you have allways wondered how successful women actually became successful, this blogpost is definitely a good read for you. I am also sharing my updated morning routine with you guys, so there's also a new video to watch, woohoo!
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Primark A/W 2017 Collection

Yesterday I was invited to the press day of the Primark A/W 2017 collection at Hotel Droog in Amsterdam. I definitely have to say: I am impressed. The new Fall & Winter collection is absolutely stunning and contains some awesome pieces and lovely designer dupes. I think Primark definitely upgraded their game and I can't wait to show you my favorites of the new collection. Except a lot of cool boots, Autumnal colors and nice textures this next season!
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