Artistic Inline Skating

It started as a passion, and turned into a career: artistic inline skating. This style of skating is not as popular as traditional roller skating or quad skating, and was created for figure skaters to practice their moves off-ice. Having a figure skating background, I transitioned to inline skates when I moved to LA. Same moves, same artistic expression, but then with sun and palmtrees instead of ice - who doesn't love that? 

I was introduced to the lively LA roller skating community, and have been spending most of my weekends in Venice Beach ever since. To showcase the new generation of talented Venice Beach roller skaters, Lilia founded the LA Roller Crew, a community focused roller skating crew & skate entertainment. Furthermore, she also started a roller skate duo called Roller Mermaids, spreading positivity and joy everywhere they go.

As a 10+ year experienced skater, I love to inspire, and teach others who are passionate about skating. I am available as an artistic inline skater & figure skater for entertainment, film, television, music videos, commercial advertising & more. I can model as well as produce content per request. Furthermore, I am available for teaching online and in-person classes in LA.


WalmartHammitt LA | Dolby Digital

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Interested in starting roller skating as well, but no idea where to get started? Check out this video where I explain everything about artistic inline skating / roller blading and my skates. I'm also sharing my beginner's progress and showing you my skating essentials!

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