It’s been a while since I’ve done a cooking swag blogpost, but here it is! It’s going to be a really summery recipe, containing a lot of fruit. I don’t know about you, but when it’s summer, I can’t eat that much. I gravitate towards eating lots of fruits, because they fill me up, without making me too full up, if that makes any sense. And they just taste so much better in the summer. Today I’m going to show you this cantaloupe that’s stuffed with yoghurt, muesli and other fruits. I know, that sounds amazing and yes, it makes me instantly hungry as well. And the best thing is that it’s totally healthy, so you can eat it without feeling guilty! It’s really easy to make and it won’t take up a lot of time if you make this in the morning (or whenever you want to eat this baby). If you want to know how to make this delicious cantaloupe, keep reading!

So what do you need for this recipe? Well, first of all you need a cantaloupe (duh). I got mine at the market, but I think you can buy them anywhere, because they’re in season at the moment. Next thing that you need is Greek yoghurt. You can use whatever yoghurt you want, but Greek yoghurt is one of the healthiest options. Mine is from Albert Heijn. Next up is some muesli or cruesli (or both!), depending on your taste. I have this all natural one with nuts and raisins that I got at Albert Heijn (it’s really good!). The last thing are other fruits or berries that you want to add in the yoghurt. You can choose whatever you like, but I picked blueberries, raspberries and blackberries that I got at the local market. I always try to buy fresh fruit at my local market in stead of in the supermarket, because it’s way cheaper and usually more tasty as well.
So the first step is cutting this baby in half. It’s really easy, because the peel is not too hard. You can make two portions out of one cantaloupe.
After cutting it in half, you need to remove the middle. Here are all the seeds and you don’t want to be eating those. You can remove as much cantaloupe as you’d like. The bigger you make the hole, the more you can put in later. I made mine relatively small.
After you emptied your cantaloupe, it’s time to fill it up with the good stuff. First, I added some Greek yoghurt and after that I sprinkled it with some muesli. My muesli contained nuts and raisins, which makes it even healthier and tastier!
And this is the finished result with the added berries! Doesn’t it look good? I really love the combination of the cantaloupe, together with the yoghurt, muesli and other fruits. Because the yoghurt ‘sits’ in the cantaloupe, the yoghurt is also a bit sweeter than usual. You can also make the hole in the middle a bit bigger if you like to eat more yoghurt.
And that’s it for this cooking swag blogpost! I hope you enjoyed reading it and you got inspired to make one yourself. I love to eat this in the morning as my breakfast, as lunch or even as snack if I’m feeling a bit more hungry than usual. Usually, I eat this as my lunch or as a snack and then save the second half for the next morning to serve as my breakfast. Because I use Greek yoghurt, this also really fills me up. So yeah, I’ll see ya tomorrow with a new blogpost!
xo Lilia


  1. August 14, 2014 / 17:33

    It looks really fresh and good! Have some Greek yoghurt in the fridge now, but that’s for tzatsiki. You really eat that whole half part, that’s some meal.

  2. August 14, 2014 / 21:29

    Oeh yum, dit lijkt me lekker! Het ziet er in ieder geval al super mooi en delicious uit! En zeker een goed idee voor een healthy snack.

  3. August 15, 2014 / 14:00

    Ziet er super lekker uit! Bedankt voor het recept 🙂

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