How you’re doing guys? I’ve been chilling the last couple of days, which feels pretty great. My summer is almost coming to an end so I need do some die hard chilling before school is going to start. Today I’m going to show you some do it yoselfs (again!). This time I’m going to talk about not so typical ways to incorporate flowers in your room. Having some plants in your room can really change the vibe of it, but incorporating them in unique ways is even more fun. So if you want to spice up your room with some pretty flowers, click on read more!

I hope you enjoyed this video! I know it’s a bit different from my regular videos, but I like to switch it up once in a while to keep things interesting! If you have any requests for further videos, let me know in the comments below. By the way, I’m going to do some volunteer work during 24th till the 29th of August and I hope that I can prepare blogposts for you everyday during that period, but I’m not sure. So there will be maybe a lil’ break during that period. I’ll keep ya posted! Have a good day guys!
xo Lilia


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